Tips for Reducing Mobile Internet Data (Mobilnett I Norge)


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We can all agree that in the last few years, mobile data usage has reached significant levels. At the same time, apps require more data than before, especially since we must update them continually to ensure they work properly. Back in the day, web surfing included text-only processes, while the future brought us numerous technological developments.

Nowadays, video streaming services have reached a peak in popularity, while social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are implementing video services that are increasing in popularity as time goes by. Today, it is challenging to reduce the data requirements when using an Android phone.

In further article, we wish to present you the most effective ways to save data on your phone. Stay with us and you can implement these tips that will help you reduce the monthly bills. Let us start from the beginning.

1. Limit the Data Usage

You can easily set a limit to your monthly data usage, which is the best course of action that will help you prevent potential issues from happening. Besides, you can avoid using a considerable amount of data in the background.

Instead, you can enter Settings and check out the mobile expenditures, and the apps that are using the most data, and set a benchmark after which you will receive notifications. Just visit the settings and you will find the Data Usage. The next step is typing the billing cycle and you will see the chances to limit the amount you spend in each cycle.

We recommend you set the maximum amount of data you wish to use each month. Besides, you can set up notifications when you reach certain thresholds. It is vital to let your phone directly disconnect you the moment you reach the limit.

2. Background

You should remember that some apps will consume mobile data although you are not using them or while charging your phone. Remember that background data will let your apps be updated and monitored. Therefore, you can avoid unwanted expenditures when locking the screen.

Remember that some apps must work while you lock the phone, while others should not. You can check how much each app is consuming your data by entering the Data Usage, the same way as above.

The moment you tap on the app, you will notice the background and foreground usage of each one you have installed. We are talking about the amount they consume while used, which is foreground usage. On the other hand, background is the amount spent when you are not using them. The process can feature things such as automatic synchronization and app updates.

You can turn off these options, which means you will be in control whether you use it or not. The moment you notice the background data is considerable for a specific application, you can restrict its ability to work, while you lock your phone. Finally, you can rest assured, because the app will consume only when you start using it, which is a perfect option.

3. Use Wireless Networks for App Updates and Streaming Services

If your goal is to avoid using too much internal mobile data, we recommend you avoid updating apps unless you connect toa Wi-Fi network. In most cases, you can find a chance to avoid automatic updates on Google Play Store, which requires entering the app and then settings to determine whether you should use it.

The best course of action is to update automatically unless you have unlimited broadband. If that is not the case, and you must spare the broadband to prevent significant expenses, then you should avoid using specific apps without a proper wireless network.

For instance, the biggest reason the landscape changed is due to the implementation of various streaming services you can easily install and subscribe to. Remember that streaming music is not that problematic unless you decide to do it for an entire day.

However, videos are the hungriest content when it comes to broadband. The same thing works for high-definition images. We recommend you to enter this guide: to learn more about finding the best mobile plans for your Smartphone.

We recommend you avoid using these apps when you are outside the range of a Wi-Fi network. Another way to enjoy specific content such as movies, TV shows or music is by downloading them when you are using a wireless network, which will allow you to avoid spending mobile data.

On the other hand, you can decrease the quality of the stream to reduce the usage. For instance, YouTube requires plenty of broadband, meaning you should reduce the video resolution while browsing your favorite videos.

At the time, when using apps such as Netflix, you can choose a data saver mode that will prevent using too much. Still, we recommend you avoid using them altogether unless you have stable Wi-Fi.

4. Chrome Features Data Compression

You can take godsendof Google Chrome which features built features that will help you reduce the data while browsing. Therefore, you should turn on compression mode, meaning the traffic will run through a proxy, while the data will undergo optimization and compression before you can see them.

Therefore, you will end up reducing the consumption, while boosting the speed of loading the page, which will not affect your overall experience. The best way to do it is by tapping the three-dot menu when entering Chrome, and you will notice a Data Saver button you should turn on.

The moment you do it, Chrome will provide you with the safest system that will protect you against harmful content, and malware and detect malicious pages that are common when you are browsing online. Generally, only using this feature can help you save up to twenty percent of broadband each month, which makes it useful and perfect for limited usage.

You can check the data you are currently using, and compare it with the one you will use in the next month. The change will affect your overall expenditure, which is vital to remember.

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