Khanapara Teer Result List


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Khanapara Teer Result list is a lottery. It has a profound significance within the tapestry of Assam culture. It announces its results every day at 4:10 and 4:45 pm. Its roots belong to ancient archery traditions. It features 2 teams. Each team had 50 members. Its members aim at specific targets. The last two digits of the arrow determined the winning number. It is mostly known as Assam Teer and Guwahati Teer.

 Among Indian Teer games, it boasts a prestigious status. In this Teer event, a considerable crown engages eagerly each day. The members of the Teer game participated and observed with enthusiasm. Khasi Hills manages shooting clubs and betting procedures. The skillful and efficient participants can accurately predict numbers. And they also had an opportunity to win a good amount of money.

khanapara teer result
khanapara teer result

Khanapara Teer Result Today live :

The Teer Result shows a lottery-style game, associated with Khanapara Teer. It brought a lottery-style game. In this game, the participants who have tickets or ticket holders try their luck with numbers. It can be done in both 1st and 2nd round. The result is based on the total number of arrows released in every round. This unique lottery game performs its function under legal oversight.

Khanapara Teer result list for previous days:

For the ongoing live sessions and previous days’ context, the official website of this unique lottery game provides an opportunity to offer up-to-date results. At 4:10 pm, the website updates the initial round outcome except on Sundays. Also at 4:45 pm, they update subsequent round outcomes every day. Apart from giving real-time details, this unique platform also furnishes comprehensive details about the lottery game.

 It includes its rules, historical context, past results, frequently drawn numbers, and useful winning techniques. For easy understanding, we can show the latest figures in this article. To view today’s results and also previous results, its users can easily browse results on websites through tabs. Furthermore, for the most recent updates, its visitors can choose to subscribe to Email or SMS notifications. 

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Guwahati Khanapara Teer Result live:

Khanapara Teer list stands as a mostly embraced activity in Guwahati. It offers a sight into Meghalaya’s vibrant cultural tapestry. This unique event unfolds daily from Monday to Saturday except Sunday. Achievement in this game is based on the combination of accurate AI naming and also based on luck. The Guwahati game is managed by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.

Methods to play Khanapara Teer Result list:

This game is very easy to play. It is only played in Meghalaya, Khanapur, and Juwai. The playing tactics of these 3 games are the same. In this, the members buy tickets from number b from 00-99. For the investment of Rs 1 for winners, they pay 70 rupees. It is a hit and unique type of game.

While playing this game there are 2 common money factors. Risk of losing a big amount of money and also a chance of winning a large amount of money. You can win up to 70 times if you can select the correct numbers. But the chance of selecting a correct number and winning a large prize is very negligible. In this game, out of 100, there is only one chance to win the prize money.

Khanapara VS Guwahati Teer:

Most people are confused between these two games. So we can clear this confusion in this article. Some people think that Khanapara is Guwahati Teer. It is because the place where Khanapara Teer is played, Meghalaya, was part of Assam. This place is located near the northeastern city of Guwahati. 

Tactics to play safely:

Before playing this game, make sure that it is legal in your region. Then play with certified and authorized websites. Beware of scammers. Don’t invest in this game without fulfilling personal or professional needs. Remember that you have an equal probability of winning or losing this game.


Khanapara Teer result list is a unique and interesting lottery game. It is only made to play for the people of Assam. Its results are always published between 4:00 to 5:00 pm. There is a dream number in this game. It is a special number that people use to play. Also while playing games, make sure that you follow the rules and regulations of your region.

Also, beware of scammers. The addiction to everything is bad. If you’re addicted to this game, then consult with professionals. They help you to stop excessively playing a game. You can easily play and operate this game. To check the results, go to authorized websites between 4 to 5 pm.

FAQs about Khanapara Teer Result list :

What is the Khanapara Teer  Result list ?

It refers to the result list of this unique game. Its members are impatiently waiting for results.

When will the results be uploaded or published?

It announces its results every day at 4:10 and 4:45 pm.

What is a dream number?

A special number that the player chooses to play a game called the dream number.




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