HIX Article Rewriter Review: Best for AI Content Rephraser


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There are myriads of reasons why anyone would want to use an AI article rewriter. For some, it may be to avoid plagiarism when making references to academic articles written by someone else. And for others, a rephraser may be necessary to rewrite paragraphs of important text so that the target audience understands the concept better.

Regardless of why you may need an AI article rewriter, one thing is sure: HIX.AI offers arguably the best paraphrasing services online. The tool is a large language model based on OpenAI’s state-of-the-art generative pre-trained machine learning technology. And thanks to its simple interface, you can spin academic articles, blog posts or social media captions without losing meaning or context.

There’s much to unpack about the HIX Article Rewriter, starting with its features and competitive advantages. But before that, let’s take a look at how the AI tool works.

How Does the HIX Article Rewriter Work?

How Does the HIX Article Rewriter Work

The HIX rephraser tool is an AI-based article rewriter from HIX.AI. Compared to most of its market competitors, HIX offers 10x more writing speed and greater accuracy. It is also equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy use.

To use the HIX Article Rewriter, users are advised to register first on the HIX.AI website. With the free plan, you can enjoy up to 3,500 words of rewritten content at no cost whatsoever. But to unlock more words and other important features, you can subscribe to paid plans, starting with the Basic which costs $19.99 every month.

Once logged in, you simply need to paste the full article you intend to rewrite into the HIX Rewriter prompt box. In the alternative, you can paste the link to the website where the content is available.

Ensure to select the language, preferred tone and target audience before selecting the option to rephrase. Once a result is generated, you can regenerate the output until you get satisfying content.

Features of the HIX Article Rewriter

HIX Article Rewriter has many unique characteristics that makes it such a viable tool for different types of users. Below, we highlight all of the main features of the HIX Article Rewriter to help you understand the scope of its functionality.

GPT-4 Language Model

The HIX Article Rewriter is powered by both the GPT-3.5 and the GPT-4 which are two of the latest and most powerful language models in the world. Premium users get the best GPT-4 and its immense capabilities to understand the context of articles, process complex details and provide rewritten results in natural, human-like ways.

Plagiarism Checker

Embedded within the HIX Article Rewriter tool is a plagiarism checker which checks results against existing content online. That way, the tool ensures that the generated text is unique and does not inadvertently plagiarize any previously existing content.

Grammar and Punctuation Checker

There is also an in-built checker specially designed to detect grammar and punctuation errors in the original text, and make sure not to repeat them. These checkers work alongside the paraphrasing tool to ensure that you have an original and easy-to-read output generated in real time.

Customization Tools

Users can enjoy a truckload of tone customization options when using the HIX article rewriter. For instance, it is possible to choose between professional, conversational and friendly tones. You can also select the target audience of the paraphrased content, whether a general audience or students, businesspeople or the elderly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the HIX Article Rewriter

With the features of the HIX Article Rewriter out of the way, it’s time to consider some of the pros and cons of using the tool. It is important to state that all AI tools, including HIX, have flaws. So, despite their usefulness, they may have some drawbacks. However, AI-based paraphrasers like the ones from HIX.AI make sure their merits far outweigh the demerits.


  • The HIX Article Rewriter has an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need advanced experience to navigate it.
  • New users can enjoy a free plan and a seven-day free trial on their first subscription.
  • AI allows users to integrate its tool into their Google Chrome web browsers for faster accessibility.
  • Plagiarism and grammar checkers help ensure accurate and original output.
  • The tool is available in over 30+ languages and allows users to customize tone and target audience.


  • AI does not have a mobile app suitable for smartphones and tablets.
  • Even the paid plans do not allow unlimited words under the GPT-4 model.

How Does the HIX Article Rewriter Outperform Its Competitors

HIX.AI has several competitors on the market, ranging from ChatGPT to QuillBot, WordTune, Jasper and Writesonic. All of these tools offer very similar functionalities, but here are some ways that HIX blows them out the water.

Newer Large Language Model

With access to GPT-3.5/4, HIX.AI boasts the newest language model. In turn, GPT-4 allows the paraphraser tool to read images, documents and URL. It also guarantees more speed, accuracy and contextually useful rewritten content.

Internet Access

Unlike tools such as ChatGPT and QuillBot, HIX.AI has access to the latest internet sources. So, it relies on an extensive thesaurus database and additional information available online to deliver original and meaningful rephrasing to users.

Full Suite of HIX.AI Writing Tools

When you sign up to use the HIX Article Rewriter, the AI software also ensures you enjoy access to a myriad of other tools developed by HIX.AI. So, HIX.AI has a full suite of over 120 generative AI writing tools which students, professors, SEO specialists, blog writers and social media content creators maximize for their personal use.

Brand Voice

In addition to providing access to other tools, the HIX article rewriter stores information about your usage. Subsequently, it trains itself to better cater to your writing needs and understand your brand voice. As a result, the AI is able to construct written content or paraphrase text using your unique tone and perspective.

Final Words on HIX Article Rewriter

Rewriting and paraphrasing can be a daunting task for humans, especially when it involves long-form content. Thankfully, AI tools today can rephrase paragraphs of text within a short time, while maintaining contextual and grammatical accuracy. With the HIX Article Rewriter, you also enjoy additional perks like the plagiarism checker and hundreds of other writing tools.

However, despite running on GPT-4, the HIX Article Rewriter is not entirely perfect. So, you may need to proofread the outcome and regenerate results for satisfying content. But you can always rest assured that you would enjoy personalized paraphrasing that improves on the original text.

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