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Grupo Firme is a famous regional Mexican Music Band. They are getting love from their fans from their origin. Before coming into fame, The leader of the group was Edwin Caz but after some time Ideal Gutierrez started leading the group. The members of this music band were Joaquin Ruiz, Ab Luna, Fito, and Christian.

Eduin Cazares and Jairo Corrales established Grupo Firme in Tijuana, Baja California, in 2014. Twelve songs made up their debut album Pasado, Presente, Futuro, and others. Which was published in 2017. 

Grupo Firme
Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme Early Life

Grupo Firme is a Mexican musical sensation that has emerged from the vibrant city of Tijuana, Mexico. Its key members each have their own unique backgrounds. Eduin Caz, the group’s charismatic lead vocalist. He was born in Tijuana on December 6, 1990, and his powerful voice became his hallmark. Similarly, accordionist Javier Gazga hails from Mexicali, Baja California. He was born on April 23, 1994, and his accordion skills added the quintessential Norteño flavor to their music.

The band’s rhythm section is anchored by Jose Manuel Lopez Castro. He was born on April 9, 1994, in Tijuana. The dynamic drummer Christian Tellez was born on July 8, 1992, in the same city. Together, they’ve created a unique blend of regional Mexican music that has captivated audiences and led to Grupo Firme’s rise to stardom. 

In early 2020 when the world was suffering from the pandemic. When the virus reached North America, Grupo Firme experienced a watershed moment. Instate of getting lockdown at homes, they decided to rent a studio in rent. The studio was only accessible to band members only. There the members recorded their first breakout album, keeping the momentum going Jhonny Caz says We couldn’t let what we had worked so hard to build just fall apart. 

Grupo Firme Career

The music group Grupo Firme takes ideas and skills from their band members to make hits. Presently, the band performs in Mexico and Canada.

Grupo Firme, a Mexican music band with four members, is performing incredibly. The fancy life of each of the music band members makes the band more special and their collaboration makes the fans love them more. The group started getting fame in the early 2020s. In February 2020, the group performed a concert in Mexico. The stand-up performance of Grupo Firme helped them to earn more fame. They promote Mexican regional music, originally from Tijuana, Mexico.

Some of the Music labels they have signed till now are EnigmaNortenoVEVO, Musica de Arranque, Lap Records, SERVANDOZL, DEL Records,  El Mimoso,  Azteca Music Group, TAMARINDOREKORDSZ, and many more. Grupo Firme has risen in the category of top celebrities’ net worth due to its enormous fame.


Grupo Firme
Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme Personal Life

Grupo Firme relationships and girlfriends are not available, as the artists don’t post much about their personal lives. Our team is seeking more information.

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Grupo Net Worth

Grupo Firme approximately earns  $20,000 a month. Just like others, YouTube has a big contribution for them getting fame. They have more than a million subscribers on their YouTube channel, they are also very famous on other social media platforms. YouTube, gets above 90 million views a month.

Grupo Firme after winning awards.
Grupo Firme after winning awards.

Grupo Firme’s net worth in 2022 was about $25 million. The ratio may increase as a result of the rapid and soaring success. After huge popularity, Grupo Firme’s net worth became about $44.83 million in 2023.


Q 1. Who is Grupo Firme Singer Wife?

Ans. Eduin Cazares wife is Daisy Anahy.

Q 2. Who is Grupo Firme Owner?

Ans. All the members hold equal importance.

Q 3. What Kind Of Music Is Grupo Firme?

Ans. Grupo Firme’s songs are Latina and also comprise LGBTQ songs.

Q 4. How Grupo Firme Brother Died?

Ans. People have been asking how Edwin From Grupo Firme Brother Died. Jhonny Caz, who is the brother of Eduin Caz, has become the victim of a death hoax.

Q 5. What is the net worth of Grupo Firme? 

Ans: The net worth of Grupo Firme is $45 million in 2023.


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