Former Broncos Player Jeff Byers Becomes an Advocate for Cycling


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Riding a bike is a joyful activity that improves both our physical and emotional well-being. And what’s most beautiful about it is that cycling brings people together from all walks of life. 

This is the case of former NFL and Denver Broncos player Jeff Byers, who didn’t need a lot of free time before he decided to learn more about this sport.

Born on September 7, 1985, Jeff Byers was a former National Football League center for American football, and now he really enjoys riding his bike. His story is such an inspiration to others. 

As demonstrated by his athletic and competitive personality, Jeff Byers continues to motivate others to train and optimize performance when it comes to cycling. Here, you will find more about former Broncos player Jeff Byers and how he became an advocate for cycling.

Some background

Originally from Colorado, from an early age, Byers was always athletic and competitive. This eventually brought him to USC football, where he played for the 2004 National Championship team, captained the team for two years, and, if that wasn’t enough, completed his Master’s in Business Administration while playing football. 

Subsequently, he entered the NFL. He primarily played on the practice squad when he first joined the Denver Broncos as a rookie. The Broncos cut him before he could start his second season. This led Byers to sign with the Carolina Panthers, which he was a member of for the following three seasons. 

Byers’ ability to persevere through difficult circumstances and his strong work ethic were the keys to his success in the NFL. As proudly declared himself, he was the first guy in and the last guy out on practice days. 

After retiring from the NFL in 2014, Byers pursued a job in banking. However, he soon found that this job did not satisfy his inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial spirit. He knew he needed more. 

A groundbreaking business

Looking for a new challenge, Byers decided to move to a completely new area: Ampersand, an early-stage biotech company whose focus field was to transport chemicals via the skin barrier. And it was here where PR Lotion was developed, first known as Topical Edge. 

At the beginning, as stated by him, with Topical Edge as a project, Byers attempted to determine whether there was any potential. And that was when it hit him: there was an incredible opportunity.

After acquiring a new revolutionary technology, he and his co-founder pushed their first product onto the market: the PR Lotion. The PR Lotion provides the body with a more basic electrolyte that is indigestible. Sodium bicarbonate is that electrolyte that helps you increase the threshold, get more out of your workout, and recuperate more quickly. 

Since sodium bicarbonate can’t be orally ingested, PR Lotion is the only option which has been proven to be able to move sodium bicarbonate through the skin. In addition to this, the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, has actually stated that it is not prohibited and is among the seven items that have been shown to be safe and effective.  

Byers and his co-founder then founded their wellness business, which is now known as Momentous. Momentous is dedicated to providing athletes of all levels with health solutions.

Today, Byers collaborates with physicians, scientists, and athletes. 

From football to cycling

There is no denying that his previous professional sports expertise is both a personal advantage and a major factor in the expansion and success of the company. In fact, one of the things that Byers always says is that mastering football actually provided him with real skills and the capacity to endure pain in order to derive pleasure from it, abilities found both in football and cycling. 

In order for him to become good at riding his bike, he needed the endurance he got from the NFL. 

And Byers is not the only one to pursue cycling after retiring from his former career at the NFL. Other extremely talented athletes in many other sports who may not have needed to train as hard to become elites in cycling have moved on to this sport. 

John Croom is another case. Also a former football player and wrestler, Croom is now a world-class cyclist and gold medalist at the Pan American Games. He competes in road and track cycling events. He is an Elite Men’s National Team Member in the USA Cycling. 

As with any other sport, cycling needs a lot of effort and power training. But riding gives people the opportunity to do whatever they want, such as going on a group ride or venture into the mountains all by themselves. Also, it’s never too late to find a new passion and just roll with it, and these guys surely know it. 

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