Eddie Ray Routh the Murderer of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield


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If you see news daily then you will know about the murder story of Chris Kyle, a U.S. militia sharpshooter. The killer of Kyle was none other than Eddie Ray Routh. The sad news was circulating on every news channel back in 2013.

Nowadays, people are curious to know what happened to the killer. Did the killer still freely roam on the streets? 

In our article you will get your answers, and also the personal and social life of Eddie Ray Routh.

Story of Eddie Ray Routh:

His full name is Eddie Ray Routh, he was born in Lancaster, Texas, United States in 1987. He used to live with his parents and sister. His father’s name is Raymond Ray Routh and his mother’s name is Jodi Routh. He has one sister whose name is Laura Bess Routh.

When he was 13 years old, he had a dream to join the Marine Corps. After completing his college period, Eddie enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was stationed in a camp near Baghdad in 2007, where he had to work as a prison watchman and also emend weapons. 

Story of Eddie Ray Routh
Story of Eddie Ray Routh

Afterward, Eddie was positioned in Haiti for a humanitarian calling.

In 2011, he was released from the Marine Corps after fulfilling his duty for many years. When Eddie returned to his homeland, he started to have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was tough for him to get adjusted to his normal civilian lifestyle. Eric’s family started his treatment for PTSD at Dallas Veterans Administration Hospital. Doctors instructed anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications to him. Eddie’s family hides his weapons so he cannot harm himself.

During his treatment, he was secretly taking alcohol and marijuana which resulted in his adverse health conditions. After some time, when his delusional symptoms started to get better, he shifted with his girlfriend Jennifer Weed. But things took a horrible turn when Eddie had a delusional episode and he took Jennifer and her friend captive with a knife. Because of this incident, Eddie was readmitted to the hospital for further treatment. 

Full name  Eddie Ray Routh
Gender  Male 
Parents  Raymond Ray Routh, Jodi Routh
Sister  Laura Bess Routh
Birthday  30 September 1987
Birthplace  Lancaster, Texas, United States


What happened to Eddie Ray Routh in Haiti?


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In 2010, Eddie was sent to Haiti for a humanitarian calling. During his time on the mission, he saw many gruesome scenes. Eddie has to help retrieve dead bodies from the sea and put them in graves. After he came back from Haiti in 2011, he told his father about this horrible scenario. Since that day, Eddie started having problems in his daily life routine and it also started affecting his job. His family got worried about him and took him to the Dallas Veterans Administration Hospital and there he got diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What happened to Eddie Ray Routh
What happened to Eddie Ray Routh

The Murder- The Truth Behind It:

In 2013, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were killed by former Marine Eddie Ray Routh.  Chris was a former militia soldier and he was well-known in the area of Texas because he helped many people resolve their mental struggles.

Eddie’s mother worked in the institution in which Chris’s children studied and through there she got to know about Chris and his wonderful work and decided to ask him to help her son. The kind-hearted Chris immediately agreed to help her son Eddie Ray Routh and think about the shooting range area and concluded that his idea would be therapeutic for Eddie. 

The Murder- The Truth Behind It
The Murder- The Truth Behind It

According to Eddie Ray Routh’s Wikipedia, he shot Kyle and his friend Littlefield on 2nd February 2013 because they were silent during the whole ride to the shooting range area. This frustrated Eddie and he shot both of them several times, after the murder Eddie went to buy burritos and then went to his sister’s house and told her about the murder. His sister was shocked and immediately called the 911 dispatcher and told them what her brother told her. 

After leaving his sister’s house Routh went directly to his own house. The police diverted Eddie’s attention so he could not run away. After following him for a short period Eddie got arrested by the Lancaster police.

Victims names  Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
Famous for Being the murderer of Kyle and Littlefield

Legal Inquiry After the Murders:

When Eddie brutally kills both Kyle and Littlefield, he is taken to prison. He got tested by forensic psychologists so they could tell whether he was in his senses while murdering two innocent people or if he was seriously mentally retarded. The psychologists concluded that he was completely aware of his surroundings while murdering Kyle and Littlefield, and he intended to kill them.

Legal Inquiry
Legal Inquiry

In 2015, Eddie was found guilty, and Judge Jason Cashon announced his life imprisonment at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Ramsey Unit, which is located in Texas.

Eddie Ray Routh is still alive:

Many people are wondering whether the killer of Kyle and Littlefield is alive or not. Eddie Ray Routh now is living his life behind bars. There is no chance of his parole as well because of his punishment by Judge Jason Cashon.

Eddie Ray Routh still alive
Eddie Ray Routh is still alive
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