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AnEsonGib is a well-known YouTuber and boxer from Saudi Arabia. His real name is Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, and he was born on July 4, 1996. His career as a fighter and a social media celebrity are thriving. Gib has been performing since he was in school. By professionally boxing the American YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Boxer in 2020, he made boxing history. Gib is still actively pursuing his boxing career now and has been training day and night to improve his performance in each fight.

Due to his boxing bout with Austin Mcbroom, he was popular in July 2022. Since June 7, 2022, he has been tweeting on his social media about his fight with Mcbroom. Fans were anticipating his next bout with Austin, which is scheduled for July 30, 2022, in Los Angeles’ Arena. However, it was revealed right before July 30th, 2022, that Gib and Austin’s battle had been postponed for an unknown cause.


AnEsonGib Bio/Wiki

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On July 4, 1996, AnEson was born in Saudi Arabia. Football has always been a huge love of his. He published his debut video on FIFA 13 gameplay when he started his YouTube account on August 18, 2012. AnEsonGib continues to be a solid FIFA player. He participated in KSI and W2S in FIFA 14 wagers, which led to his first career breakthrough.

AnEsonGib continued to participate in FIFA and has worked with the FIFA brand. He continued to take part in a Southampton charity football game in 2016. AnEsonGib was a member of the Barcelona Football Club and a Top Youth Player. He finished his degree while concurrently pursuing a career in sports and video production.

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AnEsonGib has previously admitted in a YouTube video that he is an English-speaking Saudi-Arabian man. He identifies as an English-speaking Saudi Arabian YouTuber. Gib is a devout Muslim who was raised in Saudi Arabia in a Muslim home. On various occasions throughout his YouTube video, he and his father have shared the screen. but never revealed his father’s full identity.

His father is a football aficionado as well. Gibs also has a sibling who goes by the handle iSwift on YouTube and Instagram. Gib’s brother’s true name is unknown. However, iSwift is a YouTuber who has 65k subscribers to his channel.

AnEsonGib Girlfriend

AnEsonGib, a well-known social media celebrity, has a quiet personal life. He hasn’t mentioned his romantic life anywhere. Gib is likely to have been entirely single for a while.

He doesn’t use all his valuable time looking for affection for himself. However, he is now well-known and will soon meet his true love. We searched through his many social media sites and couldn’t find a single image of Gib with a woman.

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AnEsonGib Social Media Accounts

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As we previously stated, AnEsonGib combined his love of football with making movies for FIFA. He started posting videos on YouTube in 2012. Gib’s first YouTube video was uploaded ten years ago, and now he is a well-known YouTuber with a sizable fan base. Gib began boxing later in 2018 when he was 22 years old.

On February 3, 2018, he competes in his first amateur boxing battle against his friend MaxPlaysFifa. His first victory came through a second-round knockout. Then in the same year on August 25, 2018, Gib had his second amateur match with English YouTuber Jay Swingler.

In the fourth round at Manchester Arena, Gib triumphed against Jay. In 2020, Gib made headlines when he announced that he will face American YouTuber Jake Paul in his professional boxing debut. On January 30, 2020, he competes in his first professional match in Miami.

Gib, however, fell short against Jake Paul. TKO at 2:18 of the first round gave Jake the victory. And now, in the year 2022, Gib is prepared for his approaching major bout with Austin McBroom.

AnEsonGib Net Worth

Gib became wealthy by maintaining their own YouTube channel and engaging in a fighting career. His YouTube channel has been made profitable for him. He earns additional money by winning prizes in boxing matches. Currently, in February 2023, Gib has opulent vehicles like Rolls Royce.

Ali Loui Al-Fakhri has also revealed on Instagram that his net worth currently fluctuates in the seven digits, which indicates that he is estimated to be worth $10 million USD.

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Quick Facts

Mr. Gib’s Instagram account has 963K followers. On his YouTube account, Gib has 2.31 million subscribers. He enjoys scuba diving. He’s done skydiving before. On November 11, 2014, Gib received his YouTube award for reaching one million followers. His Instagram debut was on November 11, 2014.

AnEsonGib's Instagram
AnEsonGib’s Instagram


Is AnEsonGib British?

Gib is an English-Saudi-Arabian star

What is Ali Loui Al-Fakhri’s nationality?

Gib’s nationality is Saudi Arabian

Is AnEsonGib a boxer?

Yes, Gib is a boxer and a Youtuber

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