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Michael Richards Net Worth, Age, Height, Education, Career & Wiki

Michael Anthony Richards (born July 24, 1949) is an American actor, writer, television producer, and comedian best known for his role as Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld. We will see more about Michael Richards Net Worth.

He began his career as a stand-up comic, and he first gained national attention when he appeared on Billy Crystal’s first cable television special.

He went on to star in ABC’s Fridays as a series regular. He appeared in a number of television series, including Cheers, as a guest star. So I Married an Axe Murderer, Airheads, Young Doctors in Love, Problem Child, Coneheads, UHF, and Trial and Error are among his cinematic credits, with Trial and Error being one of his few major parts.

He played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld from 1989 to 1998, winning three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series during that period. He had a cameo appearance in Mad About You during the run of Seinfeld. Following Seinfeld, he starred in his own comedy, The Michael Richards Show, which lasted only two months before being cancelled.

Richards returned to stand-up comedy after Seinfeld concluded in 1998. In 2006, he sparked outrage when a video of him going on a racist rant against hecklers while performing at the Laugh Factory was released. The incident significantly harmed his career, and he declared his retirement from stand-up comedy in early 2007 as a result of extensive media coverage of the incident.

He made his first appearance as himself in the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009, among his fellow Seinfeld cast mates for the first time since the show’s conclusion, and parodied his Laugh Factory incident. In 2013, he starred in the one-season comedy Kirstie, in which he played Frank.

Michael Richards
Michael Richards

Michael Richards Bio/Wiki

Real NameMichael Anthony Richards
NicknameMichael Richards
Age72 years
Date Of BirthJuly 24, 1949
Birth PlaceCulver City, California
Height6 feet and 3 inches
Weight75 kgs
Eye Colour Black
Hair ColourBlack
Marital Status Married
WifeBeth Skipp
ProfessionAmerican actor, writer, television producer
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$30 million

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Early Life

Richards was born into a Catholic household in Culver City, California. He is the son of Phyllis (née Nardozzi), an Italian-born medical records librarian, and William Richards, a Scottish-born electrical engineer. Michael’s father died in a vehicle accident when he was two years old, and his mother never remarried.

Richards is a Thousand Oaks High School graduate. He was a competitor on The Dating Game in 1968, however, he was not picked for the date. In 1970, he was drafted into the United States Army. He was trained as a doctor and stationed in West Germany, where he was a member of the Training Road Show, a theatrical troupe.

He used the benefits of the G.I. Bill to enrol at the California Institute of the Arts after being honourably discharged, and he graduated with a BA in drama from The Evergreen State College in 1975. In addition, he performed a brief improv performance with Ed Begley Jr. He enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College around this time and continued to act in student musicals.

Personal Life

For 18 years, Richards was married to Cathleen Lyons, a family therapist. Sophia is their only child (b. 1975). They divorced the next year after splitting up in 1992.

Richards married his girlfriend Beth Skipp in 2010. They’ve been married since 2002 and have a son together. Richards is a member of the Freemasons.

Michael Richards Family
Michael Richards Family

Michael Richards Education

Richards graduated from Thousand Oaks High School. In 1968, he was a contestant on The Dating Game, however, he was not chosen for a date. He was recruited into the United States Army in 1970. He was a member of the Training Road Show, a theatrical ensemble, and was trained as a doctor and stationed in West Germany.

After being honourably discharged, he utilised the G.I. Bill to enrol in the California Institute of the Arts, and he graduated with a BA in theatre from The Evergreen State College in 1975.

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Richards received his big break on television in 1979, when he appeared in Billy Crystal’s first cable television special. In 1980, he joined the cast of ABC’s Friday television show, alongside Larry David, who was also a cast member and writer.

It includes a well-known incident in which Andy Kaufman refused to perform his prepared lines, prompting Richards to bring the cue cards on-screen to Kaufman, who then threw his drink in Richards’ face, sparking a brief disturbance (Richards later claimed he was in on the joke).

Richards was represented by actor Norm Macdonald in the film Man on the Moon, which included a re-enactment of the Andy Kaufman incident (although he is never referred to by name, so he could be seen as a composite character taking the place of Richards).

Richards appeared as janitor Stanley Spadowski in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s comedic film UHF in 1989. On television, he played an unscrupulous bookie in Miami Vice; a television producer in St. Elsewhere making a documentary about Dr Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere; a character in Cheers trying to collect on an old bet with Sam Malone in Cheers, and a fitness expert in several guest appearances with Jay Leno as an accident-prone fitness expert.

Monk was originally intended by ABC as a procedural police comedy featuring an Inspector Clouseau-like character suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to an interview with executive producer David Hoberman. According to Hoberman, Richards was approached by ABC to portray Adrian Monk, but he declined.

Seinfield days

In 1989, Richards was cast as Cosmo Kramer in the NBC television series Seinfeld, which was developed by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, a fellow Fridays cast member. Despite a poor start, by the mid-1990s, it had established itself as one of the most successful sitcoms in television history.

In 1998, it came to an end after a nine-year run at the top of the Nielsen ratings. Kramer is the show’s eponymous character’s next-door neighbour, and he is commonly referred to by his last name alone. Cosmo was revealed as his first name in the sixth-season episode “The Switch.”

Richards received more Emmys than any other member of the Seinfeld ensemble, winning Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series three times in 1993, 1994, and 1997.

He and his fellow Seinfeld cast mates began providing interviews and audio commentary for the Seinfeld DVDs in 2004. After Season 5, Richards stopped giving audio commentary, but he continued to do interviews.

The Michael Richards Show (Michael Richards)

Following the conclusion of Seinfeld in 2000, Richards began work on a new NBC series, his first significant project since the show’s demise. The Michael Richards Show was envisioned as a comedy/mystery featuring Richards as a fumbling private detective, for which he obtained co-writer and co-executive producer honours.

NBC requested that the programme be retooled into a more traditional, office-based sitcom before its release after the initial pilot flopped with test audiences. It was cancelled after a few weeks of low ratings and scathing reviews.

The 2006 incident at the Laugh Factory and its impact on his career

Richards went on a racist rant at a performance at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California, on November 17, 2006, in reaction to a small number of black audience members who were heckling and interrupting him. Richards was heard yelling “He’s a nigger!” and making analogies to lynching and the Jim Crow era on many occasions.

Richards addressed a group of people who had come in the midst of the performance and were “being a bit loud,” according to Kyle Doss, a member of the group Richards addressed. Doss explains:

“Look at those obnoxious Mexicans and blacks up there,” [Richards] remarked. He stated it right away. Then he resumed his routine. After a time, I finally informed him, “You’re not hilarious in my opinion,” my pal says. When I told him that, he flipped out and shouted, “F-you N-word.” And it was the start of it all.

Richards apologised publicly three days after the incident on the Late Show with David Letterman via satellite, stating: “I’m terribly, deeply sorry for flipping off and shouting this garbage in a comedy club. That’s what’s so bizarre about this: I’m not a racist.” As Richards began his improvised explanation and apology, several studio audience members laughed, prompting programme guest Jerry Seinfeld to chastise them, saying: “Please, no more laughter. It isn’t amusing.”

Richards said that he was attempting to defuse the heckling by being even more obnoxious, but that his strategy had backfired. Later, he apologised to civil rights leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He was also a guest on Michael Jackson’s nationally syndicated radio show. Richards’ apology was not accepted by Doss, who stated: “He could have approached… one of us from the group if he wanted to apologise. He, on the other hand, did not. He apologised in front of the camera since the tape had gotten out.”

Several TV shows mocked the incident, including Mad TV, Family Guy, South Park, Extras, and Monday Night Raw. Richards appeared as himself in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, mocking the event.

Richards said that the outburst still plagued him and was a big cause for his retirement from stand-up comedy in a 2012 episode of Seinfeld’s online series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The event was also a factor in comedian Paul Mooney’s decision to ban the racist slur from his own live performances.

Cameo Appearances, Guest Appearances, And Features.

In the HBO series The Larry Sanders Show, Richards played himself in Episode 2 of Season 1 “The Flirt Episode” (1992). He also had a cameo part as an “insensitive dude” in the comedic thriller film So I Married an Axe Murderer.

In Airheads, he portrayed radio station staffer Doug Beech, and in Trial and Error, he co-starred with Jeff Daniels as an actor claiming to be a lawyer. He also appeared on Miami Vice, Night Court, and Cheers as a guest star. Jerry Seinfeld appeared in and produced the animated feature Bee Movie, in which he voiced the character Bud Ditchwater.

Richards and the other key Seinfeld cast members made an appearance in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s seventh season in 2009. Richards starred in Jerry Seinfeld’s comedic web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in 2012. He made an appearance as the president of Crackle in a Season 5 promo in 2014.

The premise from the trailer would be built on in one of the episodes, according to Seinfeld. Richards starred with Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman in the comedy Kirstie as Frank. On December 4, 2013, it aired on TV Land and was terminated after one season.

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Michael Richards Net Worth

Michael Richards is a $30 million American actor. During the first few seasons of Seinfeld, supporting cast members Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, and Jason Alexander were paid a pittance for their efforts on the programme. Before season 5, in 1993, they were able to negotiate hikes that saw them each receive $150,000 each episode, or $3.8 million every season.

Supporting cast members fought for a large pay hike in May 1997, asking for $1 million for each show. The network retaliated with a payment of $200,000, followed by a payment of $400,000. They were paid $600,000 each episode for the last season of the programme, which amounted to nearly $15 million per episode.

That equates to almost $24 million in today’s dollars. The supporting cast members received a total of $45 million in base salary from Seinfeld before inflation. Julia, Michael, and Jason, contrary to common opinion, do not profit much from “Seinfeld’s” syndication deals, which have reached almost $4 billion as of this writing.


In order to profit from syndication sales, one must hold a certain amount of the show’s stock. On the programme, the supporting cast was never given backside points. They earn royalties from the show when it airs, but these payments are in the hundreds of thousands, not the millions as many believe.

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, on the other hand, both made $250 million from syndication sales in 1998. Larry and Jerry were still making at least $50 million a year from syndication points a decade later.

While backend points were disallowed in 1997, they were able to obtain profit-sharing points on DVD sales, which resulted in a little windfall when customers bought DVDs.

Michael paid $525,000 for a property in Studio City, California in 1992, according to public records. He sold the house for $810,000 in 1998, just a few months after Seinfeld concluded. Michael spent $1.75 million on a 6,000-square-foot property in the Pacific Palisades region of Los Angeles in 1996.

Michael claims he was riding around the neighbourhood one day when he saw the house and fell in love with it right away. He scribbled his name and phone number on a sheet of paper because there was a for sale sign out front. The individuals who were renting the house at the time returned his call and provided him with the owner’s phone number.

One of the renters, it turned out, was acquainted with Michael’s agent and contacted to inquire whether the actual Michael Richards had put his name and phone number in their mailbox with an offer to buy the house. This was confirmed by the agency.


Michael took the owner on a tour of the home and made an immediate offer, which was accepted. He made an all-cash payment.

Nearly every room in the house, which was created in the 1920s by renowned African American architect Paul Williams, offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The house is now worth between $8 and $10 million.

Michael was a huge fan of comedian Red Skelton when he was younger. He used to have his mother drop him off at Bel-Air in front of what he thought was Red’s house (according to a Star Map). Red and Michael became friends after a long time. Michael purchased Red’s complete collection of rare books after his death, which he now keeps in his own library.

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$30 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)$22 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2020 (Approx)$14 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2019 (Approx)$9 million
Annual Salary$15 million

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Michael Richards Wife

Cathleen Lyons was Michael Richards’s first wife (1974 – 1992).

He dated Teresa DePriest from 2000 to 2001 before marrying Beth Skipp in 2010, with whom he had been dating since 2002 and with whom he has a son.

Michael Richards With Wife Beth Skipp
Michael Richards With the Wife Beth Skipp

Michael Richards Height, Weight & Age

Michael Richards is 6 feet and 3 inches tall or 191 cm in centimetres.

He weighs about 75 kgs in body weight and even at this age he is a pretty handsome man. He is 72 years old as of 2022.


What is the age of Michael Richards?
72 years

To whom is Michael Richards married?
Beth Skipp

What is the height of Michael Richards?
6 feet and 3 inches

How much is the net worth of Michael Richards?
$30 million

Arpita Khan Bio, Husband, Age, Siblings, Children, Net Worth & Wiki

Arpita Khan is a well-known Indian leading architecture and interior fashion designer. She to a filmy background family but she did not enter into the showbiz industry. She always wants to do something different from others. The designer is very qualified in her job fields and becomes a reputed fashion designer in India.

Arpita Khan was born on 1 August 1989 according to her birth certificate in Mumbai, India. She is the adopted daughter of India’s famous celebrity couple, Salim Khan and Helen. Some news also says that her mother died on the footpath of Mumbai leaving the child alone and Helen picked up her. Arpita is an adopted sister of actor Salman Khan, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Arbaaz Khan, and Sohail Khan.

Arpita dated Arjun Kapoor when he was 18, and he acknowledged to a daily that this was by far his most serious relationship. But Arpita and Arjun’s relationship broke after 2 years. Later, businessman Aayush Sharma and Arpita met through a familiar friend and began dating in 2013, which resulted in tieing a knot. On 18 November 2015, The marriage ceremony took place at the grand Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. The couple is blessed with two 2 babies.

Arpita Khan
Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan Wiki/Bio

Birth NameArpita Khan
Nick NameNot Known
Age(as in 2022) 33 Years
ReligionNot Known
Sun Sign/Zodiac SignLeo
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharshtra, India
Date of Birth1 August 1989
ResidenceNot Known
Home TownMumbai, Maharshtra, India
HobbiesTravelling, Partying


Foster Mother's NameSalma Khan, Helen
Foster Father's NameSalim Khan
Foster BrotherSalman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan
Foster SisterAlvira Khan


Affairs/BoyfriendsArjun Kapoor (Actor)
Aayush Sharma

Marital Status, Husband and Children

Husband/SpouseAayush Sharma
Marriage Date21 November 2014
ChildrenAhil Sharma


SchoolNot Known
College/UniversityLondon College of Fashion, London, England
Educational QualificationFashion Marketing and Management
ProfessionInterior Designer
Brands EndorsedNot Known
Career ManagerNot Known

Height, Weight, and Figure Measurements

Height (Approx.)in centimeters- 160 cm
in meters- 1.60 m
in feet inches- 5’ 3”
Weight (Approx.)in Kilograms- 75 kg
in Pounds- 154 lbs

Figure Measurements

Breast Size40
Hips Size35
Waist Size32

Extra Ordinary Features

Race / EthnicityNot Known
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
S*xual OrientationNot Known
Dress SizeNot Known
Shoe SizeNot Known

Style Quotient

Car CollectionRolls Royce

Favourite Things

Favourite ActressKatrina Kaif
Favourite ActorsSalman Khan
Favourite ColorsGreen
Favourite Holiday Destination Miami
Favorite FoodSea Food
ControversiesNot Known

Life Journey

Arpita Khan completed her primary education from a private school in Mumbai. Later, she went to the London College of Fashion, England, and did graduation in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Arpita Khan Family
Arpita Khan Family

Arpita Khan Net Worth

According to Woodgram, Arpita Khan’s estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below. Let’s check, How Rich is Arpita Khan in 2022?

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$1 Million - $5 Million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)$100,000 - $1 Million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceInterior Designer

Noted, Right now, We don’t have enough information about Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary, etc. We will update soon.

Arpita Khan with Salman Khan
Arpita Khan with Salman Khan


Arpita Khan is working as an interior designer at a reputed firm in Mumbai. She is also a well-known architecture. Though she brought up in a filmy background family, Still, she is not interested in acting in films.

Rather she wants to build up her career in the business sector and also wishes to be an entrepreneur. The lady always helps the needy in different ways and wants to involve herself in social work.

Facts about Arpita Khan

  • Does Arpita Khan drink alcohol?: Not Known
  • Does Arpita smoke?: Not Known
  • Salim Khan adopted Arpita as her mother died in a mishap
  • She is the foster sister of the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan.
  • Having been adopted by a Muslim family, her marriage happened according to Hindu rituals.
  • Her brother Salman Khan showed his love towards her by gifting her a Rolls Royce on her wedding.
  • Aayush’s wife is the solution for Salman and Shahrukh patch up.
  • She is happily married to Aayush Sharma who is the son of the Cabinet Minister of Himachal Pradesh.
  • During her wedding, Shahrukh Khan attended the function blessed her.


Is Arpita Khan adopted?

Arpita is the adopted daughter of the Khan family and it is alleged that Salim Khan father of Salman Khan adopted her.

What are the hobbies of Arpita Khan

Travelling and Partying.

How old is Arpita Khan?

33 years, 1 August 1989.

Grace Mccallum Net Worth, Height, Age, Weight, Career, & Wiki

Grace McCallum is a 19-year-old artistic gymnast from the United States. She seems to have been a part of the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team for five years. McCallum earned gold with the United States gymnastics team in the 2018 and 2019 World Championships.

Grace just competed in the Olympic Trials for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Grace McCallum’s personal wealth is expected to reach about $800,000 by 2022.

Grace McCallum
Grace McCallum

Grace McCallum Bio/Wiki

Real NameGrace Ann McCallum
NicknameGrace McCallum
Date Of BirthOctober 30, 2002
Birth PlaceCambridge, Minnesota, USA
Height5 feet 0 inches
Weight47 kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair ColourBrown
ProfessionAmerican artistic gymnast
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$800,000

Early Life

Grace McCallum was born on October 30, 2002, in Cambridge, Minnesota, United States. Edward and Sandra McCallum, her parents, gave birth to her. Grace started being raised with five brothers and sisters. She finished her high school career by attending Connections Academy online.

Grace debuted as a juvenile gymnast in the 2017 U.S. Classic. She came in third in the all-around competition. Similarly, while competing at Nationals, she finished 11th in the all-around. In 2018, she became a senior and was named to the senior national team. Soon after, she competed in the 2018 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, winning a gold medal for her team.

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McCallum went on to participate in the 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy, finishing fifth in the all-around. In August 2018, she competed in the National Championships. She was ready to finalize fourth in the all-around competition. A few days later, she secured her spot on the squad that would compete in the Pan American Championships. She was already in top form in the Championships, winning the gold medal in the group finals.

Grace goes on to participate for the United States in the American Cup in January 2019. She placed third overall and won silver in the all-around. Similarly, she maintained her strong form at the 2019 GK US Classic, finishing third in the all-around. She later competed in the 2019 United States National Championships. However, she was not even in top form this time, as she had two falls and finished in ninth place.

In September 2019, McCallum also participated in the US World Championships trials. During the qualifier, she proved to be valuable to the USA team, as they qualified first for the World Championships. Her identity was revealed as one of the gymnastics that would lead the United States at the Birmingham World Cup in February 2020. The Birmingham World Cup, unfortunately, was eventually cancelled because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Grace began 2021 by participating in the American Classic, where she really participated in the parallel bars. In the same year, she participated in the National Championships, finishing seventh in the all-around. She also took bronze just on the balancing beam and was nominated to the National Team. Grace is a gymnast who recently competed in the Olympic Trials. She is now in the fifth position in the trials, where she is competing for an Olympic slot.

Grace McCallum Performing
Grace McCallum Performing

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Personal Life

Grace McCallum may be comfortable right now. We haven’t heard anything of her being in a romantic connection with anyone since. Grace appears to be fairly popular on Instagram, where she has 59.4K followers. She just posted on Instagram with the message “Day 1 done, now let’s get some fun on Day 2!!.”

Height And Weight

Grace McCallum is presently 5 feet 0 inches (152.4 cm) tall and weighs roughly 48 kg (105 pounds). Her physical measurements are not yet accessible. Similarly, her hair and eyes are both light brown.

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Grace McCallum Net Worth

Grace McCallum is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000 as of 2022. She must have acquired the enormous sum through competing in many tournaments. We predict her combined wealth to rise in the coming years because she is only 19 and has yet to win more victories in her next gymnastic tournaments.

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What is Grace McCallum height?


What nationality is Grace McCallum?


What is Grace McCallm’s Net Worth?


Ilias Chair Biography, Age, Wife, Stats, FIFA 22, Net Worth & Wiki

Ilias Chair, a Moroccan-born professional football player for Queens Park Rangers of the EFL Championship, was born on October 30, 1997. He represents the national team of Morocco and was born in Belgium.

He is British by birth and currently eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Additionally, he observes all of the festivals and worships all of the deities. He enjoys acting. In movies and television series, he enjoys acting.

On February 16, 2019, Chair scored his first goals for Stevenage by netting two long-range goals late in a 2-2 away draw at league-leading Lincoln City. He scored a goal from within his own half a month later, on March 12, 2019, as Stevenage defeated Swindon Town 2-0 at home. Due to his four goals and four assists in the month of March 2019, Chair was nominated for League Two Player of the Month.

Ilias Chair
Ilias Chair

Ilias Chair Bio/Wiki

Birth NameIlias Emilian Chair
Nick NameIlias Chair
Age24 years
Sun Sign/Zodiac SignScorpio
Birth PlaceAntwerp, Belgium
Date of Birth30 October 1997


Mother's NameNot Available
Father's NameNot Available
Brother(s)Not Available
Sister(s)Not Available

Marital Status, Wife and Children

Wife/SpouseNot Available
ChildrenNot Available


SchoolNot Available
College/UniversityNot Available
Brands EndorsedNot Available

Football Career

Debut ClubLierse
Debut InternationalMorocco
Jersey Number10
Current Team(s)

Height and , Weight

Height (Approx.)164 cm
Weight (Approx.)64 kg

Extra Ordinary Features

Race / EthnicityBelgian
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
S*xual OrientationStraight

Favourite Things

Favorite Playing Position
Favorite CarNot Available
Favorite DrinksRed Bull
Favorite ColorRed
Favorite Cell Phone/BrandIphone

Early Life

Chair was conceived by a Moroccan father in Antwerp, Belgium. At Lierse, Chair started his career working with young people. He also attended the JMG Academy Belgium and the Club Brugge Academy.

At the age of 17, Chair made his professional debut for Lierse in the 1-1 away draw against Coxyde on August 9, 2015, while competing in the Belgian Second Division. He entered the game as a 76th-minute substitute. On September 9, 2015, he began his first game and played the entire 90 minutes in a 3-2 loss to Cercle Brugge at home.

Personal Life

Additionally, he is held to an absurdly high standard. Since Ebere Eze was QPR’s most gifted player since Adel Taarabt, the team had a difficult task ahead of them. Another Moroccan quickly assumed the prized number 10 shirt, moving to the center of Warburton’s midfield from the left side.

Despite playing in the same position, they are not the same player. Eze was able to compete physically thanks to his height and broad frame; his performance against Hull in 2019 is a prime example. Eze embarrassed established championship footballers who couldn’t even kick him by scoring twice. Yeah. At the Championship level, he has a flair for the spectacular that very few players do.

The chair is a little unique. Due to his smaller size, he was frequently outmuscled by sides trying to physically silence him during his early QPR years. Although he has a relatively high IQ, he occasionally feels like he knows too much.

His passing risks are more planned, and he frequently holds onto the ball for an excessive amount of time in an effort to make the “perfect” pass. There are no “Eze” moments, which obviously means he is held in very low regard.

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Ilias Chair Club Career

In January 2017, Chair underwent a trial at Championship team QPR. He scored in a 3-1 friendly victory for the U23s over Bournemouth during the trial period. On January 31, 2017, he subsequently signed a permanent contract with QPR. Chair joined the club’s Elite Development Squad and played with the U23 team for the remainder of the 2016–17 campaign.

Chair was selected as a substitute in the club’s first round EFL Cup match against Northampton Town at Loftus Road on August 8, 2017, after impressing QPR manager Ian Holloway in practise. In the 63rd minute of the game, he made his first-team debut by taking the place of Luke Freeman.

On December 2, 2017, at Deepdale, Chair made his debut for QPR in a 1-0 loss against Preston North End. On February 9, 2018, he agreed to a two-year contract extension with the team, keeping him there through the summer of 2020.

On April 28, 2018, he scored his first goal for the team as QPR defeated Birmingham City 3-1 in their final home game of the 2017–18 season. He scored with a volley at the far post. Chair appeared seven times for the first squad this season and scored one goal.

Chair joined League Two club Stevenage on a loan agreement for the duration of the 2018–19 campaign on January 31, 2019, after making eight appearances for QPR during the first half of the campaign. On February 2, 2019, he played the entire game for Stevenage in their 1-0 victory over Yeovil Town at Broadhall Way.

On February 16, 2019, Chair scored his first goals for Stevenage by netting two long-range goals late in a 2-2 away draw at league-leading Lincoln City. He scored a goal from within his own half a month later, on March 12, 2019, as Stevenage defeated Swindon Town 2-0 at home.

Chair provided four goals and four assists in the month of March 2019, earning him a nomination for League Two Player of the Month. During the loan period, he made 16 appearances and contributed six goals and six assists. Dino Maamria, the manager of Stevenage, referred to Chair as “the best player that has ever played in League Two” and “the best player who has ever worn the Stevenage shirt.”

In September 2019, upon his return to QPR, he agreed to a new, three-year deal with the organization. Chair started the 2019–20 season as a crucial player for QPR under new boss Mark Warburton. On January 29, 2021, Chair agreed to a new four-and-a-half-year contract that would keep him employed by the club through the year 2025, with an option for an additional year.

After a powerful goal against Blackburn Rovers, Chair received the Championship Goal of the Month title for October 2021. He had a strong start to the 2021–22 campaign.

Ilias Chair playing for QPR
Ilias Chair playing for QPR

International Career

Chair is of Moroccan ancestry and was born in Belgium. In June 2017, he received a call-up to the Morocco U20 team for a weeklong training camp in Rabat. On March 23, 2018, Chair played for the Moroccan U23s in a 1-0 friendly loss to the Senegal U23s.

On June 9, 2021, he made his senior national team debut for Morocco in a 1-0 friendly victory against Ghana. Chair scored his first goal for Morocco on October 6, 2021, in his fourth appearance for his nation, as the third goal in a 5-0 victory over Guinea-Bissau.

Ilias Chair playing for Morocco
Ilias Chair playing for Morocco

Ilias Chair Net Worth

Ilias Chair is ranked as the most well-liked and one of the wealthiest association football players. Ilias Chair’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million based on our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

At Lierse S.K., Chair started his career working with young people. He also attended the JMG Academy Belgium and the Club Brugge Academy. At the age of 17, Chair made his professional debut for Lierse in the 1-1 away draw against Coxyde on August 9, 2015, while competing in the Belgian Second Division. He entered the game as a 76th-minute substitute. On September 9, 2015, he began his first game and played the entire 90 minutes in a 3-2 loss to Cercle Brugge at home.

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$1.5 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)Not Available
Estimated Net Worth in 2020 (Approx)Not Available
Annual Salary$550 K
Income SourceProfessional Footballer

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Ilias Chair FIFA 22 Stats

In FIFA 22, Ilias Chair has an overall rating of 71 and his potential is also 77.

Sprint Speed
Ball Control71
Defensive Awareness34
FK Accuracy61
Heading Accuracy40
Long Passing67

Dream Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life


How old is Ilias Chair?
He is currently 24 years old.

What is the height of Ilias Chair?
He is 164 cm tall.

What position does Ilias Chair play?
He plays in a midfielder position.

How much is Ilias Chair’s net worth?
After his transfer to QPR, his net worth is $1.5 Million.

Tiny Tim Bio, Age, Death, Spouse, Christmas Carol, Songs & Net Worth

Tiny Tim, was an American singer, musical archivist, and multi-instrumentalist. This yesteryear performer with a distinctive high-pitched falsetto voice complimented with striking appearance including shoulder-length dark curly hair is best recognized for his cover hits ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’, which eventually evolved as his signature song, as also ‘Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight’. He commenced his journey in music learning to play different instruments and with time realized his ability to sing. A school drop-out, he did several odd jobs before landing up with a local talent show.

He took up different stage names and performed at dance club amateur nights and then at a gay and lesbian club in Greenwich Village called ‘Page 3’. After appearing in the film ‘You Are What You Eat’, he landed up at the American sketch comedy TV show ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In’ garnering popularity. Starting from this debut album ‘God Bless Tiny Tim’, he had over the years released several albums among which ‘For All My Little Friends’, a collection of children’s songs, garnered a Grammy nomination.

Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim Bio/Wiki

Birth NameHerbert Butros Khaury, Herbert Buckingham Khaury
Nick NameTiny Tim
Age64 Years (Died)
ReligionNot Known
Sun Sign/Zodiac SignAries
Birth PlaceManhattan, New York City, New York
Place Of DeathHennepin County, Minnesota
Date of BirthApril 12, 1932
Died OnNovember 30, 1996
Cause Of DeathHeart Attack
ResidenceNot Known
Home TownNot Known
HobbiesNot Known


Mother's NameTillie Staff
Father's NameButros Khaury
BrotherNot Known
SisterNot Known


Affairs/GirlfriendsNot Known

Marital Status, Wife and Children

Wife/SpouseJan Alweiss (M. 1984; Div. 1995), Susan Marie Gardner (M. 1995; His Death 1996), Victoria Mae Budinger (M. 1969; Div. 1977)
Marriage DateNot Known
ChildrenTulip Victoria Khaury Stewart (B. 1971)


SchoolNot Known
College/UniversityNot Known
Educational QualificationNot Known
ProfessionFolk Singer
Brands EndorsedNot Known
Career ManagerNot Known

Height, Weight, and Figure Measurements

Height (Approx.)6'1" (185 cm), 6'1" Males
Weight (Approx.)Not Known

Figure Measurements

Chest SizeNot Known
Hips SizeNot Known
Waist SizeNot Known

Extra Ordinary Features

Race / EthnicityNot Known
Hair ColorNot Known
Eye ColorNot Known
S*xual OrientationNot Known
Dress SizeNot Known
Shoe SizeNot Known

Favourite Things

Favourite FoodNot Known
Favourite ActorsNot Known
Favourite ColorsNot Known
Favourite SportNot Known
ControversiesNot Known
Tiny Tim Christmas Carol
Tiny Tim Christmas Carol

Family, Education & More

Tiny Tim was born in Manhattan, New York City, on April 12, 1932. His mother Tillie, a garment worker, was the daughter of a rabbi. She had immigrated from Brest-Litovsk, present-day Belarus, as a teen in 1914. Tiny Tim’s father, Butros Khaury, was a textile worker from Beirut, present-day Lebanon, whose father was a Maronite Catholic priest.

Tiny Tim displayed musical talent at a very young age. At the age of five, his father gave him a vintage wind-up Gramophone and a 78-RPM record of “Beautiful Ohio” by Henry Burr. He would sit for hours listening to the record. At the age of six, he began teaching himself guitar. By his pre-teen years, he developed a passion for records, specifically those from the 1900s through the 1930s. He began spending most of his free time at the New York Public Library, reading about the history of the phonograph industry and its first recording artists. He would research sheet music, often making photographic copies to take home to learn, a hobby he continued for his entire life.

Tiny Tim Net Worth

Tiny Tim’s estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below. Let’s check, How Rich Tiny Tim was?

Estimated Net Worth in 2019 (Approx)$1 Million - $5 Million (Approx.)
Estimated Net Worth in 2018(Approx)$100,000 - $1 Million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceFolk Singer (profession)

Tiny Tim Spouse
Tiny Tim Spouse

Tiny Tim Death Cause

On September 28, 1996, Tiny suffered a heart attack just as he began singing at a ukulele festival at the Montague Grange Hall in Montague, Massachusetts. He was hospitalized at the nearby Franklin County Medical Center in Greenfield for approximately three weeks before being discharged with strong admonitions not to perform again because of his health, weight, and dietary needs for his diabetic and heart conditions. Nevertheless, he ignored the advice.

On November 30, 1996, he was playing at a gala benefit hosted by the Women’s Club of Minneapolis. He had let his third wife (“Miss Sue”) know before the show that he was not feeling well but did not want to disappoint the fans. By the end of his performance, most of the audience had left. While performing his last number of the evening, he suffered another heart attack on stage in the middle of a rendition of his hit, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”. His wife asked him if he was feeling all right, and he said he was not; she was helping him back to their table when he collapsed, and never regained consciousness. EMTs performed on-site CPR and transported him to Hennepin County Medical Center, where after repeated revival attempts he was pronounced dead at 11:20 pm. His remains are entombed in a mausoleum in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

Tiny Tim Musician
Tiny Tim Musician

Tiny Tim Christmas Carol

Tiny Tim is a fictional character from the 1843 novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Although seen only briefly, he is a major character and serves as an important symbol of the consequences of the protagonist’s choices. When Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present he is shown just how ill the boy really is (the family cannot afford to properly treat him on the salary Scrooge pays Cratchit). When visited by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Scrooge sees that Tiny Tim has died. This, and several other visions, lead Scrooge to reform his ways. At the end of the story, Dickens makes it explicit that Tiny Tim does not die, and Scrooge becomes a “second father” to him.

In the story, Tiny Tim is known for the statement, “God bless us, everyone!” which he offers as a blessing at Christmas dinner. Dickens repeats the phrase at the end of the story, symbolic of Scrooge’s change of heart.

Tiny Tim Living In The Sunlight

“Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight” is a popular song that was written by Al Sherman and Al Lewis for the 1930 film, The Big Pond starring Maurice Chevalier, who made it famous. On March 22, 1930, Bing Crosby and the Paul Whiteman Orchestra recorded a popular cover of this song as well. This registered in the charts of the day at the No. 16 position. Bernie Cummins and his Orchestra also enjoyed success with the song in 1930 achieving a No. 20 spot. Al Bowlly recorded the song with Les Allen on October 17, 1930. Another British cover version was by the sibling duo Bob and Alf Pearson.

Tiny Tim Tiptoe Through the Tulips

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, also known as “Tip Toe Through the Tulips with Me”, is a popular song published in 1929. The song was written by Al Dubin (lyrics) and Joe Burke (music) and made popular by guitarist Nick Lucas. On February 5, 1968, singer Tiny Tim made the song a novelty hit by singing it on the debut episode of the popular American television show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

Tiny Tim Living In The Sunlight
Tiny Tim Living In The Sunlight

Tiny Tim Songs/Albums

  • God Bless Tiny Tim (Reprise Records, 1968)
  • With Love And Kisses From Tiny Tim: Concert In Fairyland (Bouquet SLP 711) recorded 1962. “Unauthorized” recording.
  • Tiny Tim’s 2nd Album (Reprise Records, 1968)
  • The Beatles’ 1968 Christmas Record (Lyntone, LYN 1743/4, 1968)
  • For All My Little Friends (Reprise Records, 1969)- This album was nominated for a Grammy Award.
  • Tip Toe To The Gas Pumps / The Hickey (On Your Neck) (Clouds Records, 1979)- 45 rpm single; a-side refers to long gas lines during the OPEC oil crisis.
  • Wonderful World Of Romance (Street Of Dreams YPRX 1724) 1980) Recorded at EMI Australia, only 200 pressed, no cover printed.
  • Chameleon (Street of Dreams YPRX 1848, 1980)- Only 1000 copies pressed.
  • Tiny Tim: The Eternal Troubadour (Playback PBL 123441, 1986)
  • Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips/ Resurrection (Bear Family BCD 15409, 1987)
  • Leave Me Satisfied (NLT 1993) 1989 (unreleased country album)
  • The Heart Album (Ca-Song CA 1369), 1991 – (Tiny Tim has six songs on this album)
  • Tiny Tim Rock (Regular Records, 1993)
  • I Love Me (Yucca Tree Records, 1993)
  • Songs of an Impotent Troubadour (Durtro, 1994)
  • Tiny Tim’s Christmas Album 1994 (Rounder Records, 1994)
  • Live in Chicago with the New Duncan Imperials (1995, Pravda Records)
  • Prisoner of Love: A Tribute to Russ Columbo (Vinyl Retentive Productions, 1995)
  • Girl (with Brave Combo) (Rounder Records, 1996)
  • Tiny Tim Unplugged (Tomanna 51295, 1996) – Recorded live in Birmingham, Alabama
  • The Eternal Troubadour: Tiny Tim Live in London (Durtro, 1997, recorded in 1995)
  • Tiny Tim Live! At the Royal Albert Hall (Rhino Handmade, 2000, recorded in 1968)
  • Chameleon (Zero Communications TTCH 12061, 2006, CD release)
  • Wonderful World of Romance (Zero Communications, TTWW 12062, 2006, recorded in 1979)
  • Stardust (Zero Communications, TTST 12063, 2006)
  • I’ve Never Seen a Straight Banana – Rare Moments Vol. 1 (Collectors Choice Music WWCCM 20582)(2009)
  • Tiny Tim: Lost & Found (Rare & Unreleased 1963–1974) (Secret Seven Records, 2011, compilation)
  • Tiny Tim’s America (Ship to Shore Phonograph Company, 2016, previously unreleased)


What Ever Happened To Tiny Tim?

Tiny Tim, Whose Quavery Falsetto And Ukulele Made ”tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me” A Novelty Hit In 1968, Died On Saturday Night At The Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. The Cause Of Death Apparently Was Cardiac Arrest, A Nursing Supervisor, Ellen Lafans, Told The Associated Press.

How Old Is Tiny Tim?

64 Years (1932–1996)

What Is Tiny Tim Worth?”]Therefore, Tiny Tim Has An Estimated Net Worth Of $3.6 Million (The Sum Is Calculated To The Current Inflation).

Who Are Tiny Tim’s Adventures?

Tiny Tim, Pseudonym For Youtube Star Tim Bradbury Of Tiny Tim’s Adventures, From Wythenshawe In Greater Manchester, Uk. Known For Putting On A Child’s Voice And Prank Calling People And Carrying Out Challenges.

Why Is Tiny Tim Important?

Tiny Tim’s Purpose Is To Pull On The Reader’s Heartstrings, And Scrooge’s! He Represents All Of The Children Living In Poverty In The “Surplus Population” That Scrooge Refuses To Help. Dickens Desperately Wanted To Help The Poor, And Children Most Of All.

DDG Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Personal Life

DDG is a well-known American rapper, YouTuber, and social media personality. He rose to prominence after releasing music as an independent musician and eventually signing with Epic Records, which helped him acquire global acclaim.

DDG rose to prominence in the music industry after releasing songs such as Givenchy, Dope, and G.O.A.T. DDG, a young rapper, is also the co-founder of Zooted Ent, a prominent record label. Throughout his career, he has released multiple mixtapes and successful singles, which have helped him attract more admirers all around the world.

Aside from music, DDG is well known for entertaining his audience on YouTube channels with pranks and reaction videos, where he has millions of fans.

DDG Net Bio & Wiki

Real NameDarryl Dwayne Granberry, Jr.
NicknameDDG, PontiacMadeDDG
Age24 Years Old
Date Of BirthOctober 10, 1997
Birth PlacePontiac, Michigan, United States
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight68 kg (150 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-Girlfriend Kennedy Cymone
SistersTawanna Rochelle Adams &
Tiarra Tee Tee
BrotherDajaun Bridge
FatherDarryl Granberry Sr.
MotherTonya Yvette Granberry
HometownPontiac, Michigan
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$2 Million

DDG Early Life

Darryl Dwayne Granberry, Jr., aka DDG, was born on October 10, 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA. He will be 24 years old in 2022. Darryl Dwayne attended International Tech Academy before enrolling at Central Michigan University, where he eventually dropped out to pursue his music career. He was earning $ 30,000 a month from his YouTube channel at the time.


Tehseen Poonawalla Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth & Wiki

Darryl’s father, Darryl Granberry, used to work as a sound engineer in a music studio, while her mother, Tonya Yvette, worked in a retail store. Tawant to Rochelle Adams is DDG’s older sister, and Dajaun Bridge is his older brother. Tiara Tee is his younger sister.

DDG Career

DDG was always drawn to music, which paved the path for him to pursue a variety of other opportunities. He even dropped out of the institution where he was enrolled since he was making a solid living off of the YouTube videos he created. He performed a few songs as a child and collaborated with some of the most well-known rappers, including Lil Yachty and Famous Dex. He released two singles in 2016, Balenciagas and Free Parties.

DDG debuted his first song, Givenchy, on November 23, 2017, and it was officially posted on the WorldstarHipHop YouTube page. This song had gotten so popular that it has had over 26 million views to date. With this flow, he recorded a few tracks before signing a record deal with Epic Records in June 2018. Following it, he wrote the song Arguments, which became a huge hit. On April 15, 2020, the RIAA certified this song as Gold.


Dream Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life

On November 1, 2019, he released his first studio album, Valedictorian. The album’s first single was released on September 20, 2019. Moonwalking in Calabasas, one of DDG’s most popular tracks, was released on July 24, 2020. This song was also released in two remix versions, one of which featured rappers Blueface and YG. On April 15, 2021, his new single Treat Me Right was released. This song has received 853k views on YouTube to far.

DDG’s YouTube account is known not only for rap songs, but also for parody, prank, challenge, and comedy videos. He is one of the most well-known YouTube celebrities, and his popularity and following are growing by the day.

DDG Personal Life

Previously, DDG was in a relationship with YouTube sensation Kennedy Cymone. They were both doing well in their relationship, and DDG even proposed to Kennedy in 2018 after dating since 2017. This relationship, however, did not endure long, and the two parted ways.

After that, there is no additional proof of DDG’s involvement with anyone else. He is devoting the majority of his efforts and focus to his music in order to advance in his career. His hard work and determination have never stopped him from achieving whatever he has set his sights on in life.

DDG with Kennedy Cymone
DDG with Kennedy Cymone

Vlad And Niki Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & personal Life

DDG Net Worth

DDG earns a fair living and enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. His main sources of revenue are music albums and YouTube videos. He earns a lot by successfully utilising both of these resources. In addition, he earns a lot of money from his rap music. He also generates content for Vine, which earns him a decent living.

He even became an entrepreneur, investing in a variety of modest businesses. He also has a large number of followers on YouTube and Instagram, which contribute significantly to his revenue. He has demonstrated to the entire globe how to generate a significant amount of money by using the internet wisely.

DDG has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. His annual income is roughly $250,000, with the majority of his earnings coming from music records and brand endorsements.

Funny Mike Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Personal Life


Q1. How tall is DDG?

Ans. DDG stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Q2. How many YouTube channels does Darryl have?

Ans. He has four YouTube channels, the most popular of which is ‘GamingWithDDG,’ which has 1.59 million followers, and another called ‘PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS,’ which has 2.47 million subscribers. He also has a family YouTube channel with 3.95 million subscribers and a music channel with 9.5 million users.

Q3. Does Darryl win any awards?

Ans. No, DD has not gotten any awards as of yet.






Mitchell Duke Biography, Age, Wife, Salary, Olyroos, FIFA 22, Career, Net Worth & Wiki

The Australian international soccer player Mitchell Thomas Duke (born 18 January 1991) participates in the J2 League for Fagiano Okayama as a member of the club’s team. As a youth player, Duke played for Paramatta Eagles before beginning his professional career with Central Coast Mariners. In 2015, he became a member of the Shimizu S-Pulse team of the J-League.

Duke was born in Liverpool, a suburb of Sydney in the southwest of the city. In addition to attending All Saints Catholic College, Liverpool, he also attended All Saints Catholic Senior College, Casula. As a member of the Australian men’s national soccer team, Duke has fifteen caps and scored seven goals.

Mitchell Duke
Mitchell Duke

Mitchell Duke Bio/Wiki

The table below reveals concise information about Mitchell Duke. It gives you the ability to read through the Australian footballer profile as fast as possible.

Birth NameMitchell Thomas Duke
Nick Name/Popular Name/Shirt NameDuke
Age31 (as in 2022) Years
Sun Sign/Zodiac SignCapricorn
Born PlaceLiverpool, Australia
Date of Birth18 January 1991
ResidenceLiverpool, Australia
Home TownLiverpool, Australia
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
HobbiesWatching Movies, Horse Riding, Swimming


Mother's NameArlene Duke
Mitchell Duke With His Mother And Father
Mitchell Duke With His Mother And Father
Father's NameBill Duke
Mitchell Duke With His Father And Son
Mitchell Duke With His Father And Son
Brother(s)Not Available
Mitchell Duke Family
Mitchell Duke Family
Sister(s)Not Available


Affairs/GirlfriendsCharlotte Potiphar
Mitchell Duke With His Wife And Children
Mitchell Duke With His Wife And Children

Marital Status, Wife and Children

Wife/SpouseCharlotte Potiphar
Mitchell Duke With His Wife
Mitchell Duke With His Wife
ChildrenDaughter(s)- Chloe Olive Duke
Son(s)- Jaxson Duke
Mitchell Duke With His Son And Daughter
Mitchell Duke With His Son And Daughter


SchoolAll Saints Catholic College
College/UniversityAll Saints Catholic College
Educational QualificationGraduated
ProfessionProfessional Footballer
Brands EndorsedNike
Career Manager/ Player AgentTitan One Sports

Football Career

Debut Club• 2021: Fagiano Okayama
Debut International• 2013: Australia national football team
Jersey Number• 15 (Fagiano Okayama)
• 12 (Australia national football team)
Current Team(s)
• Fagiano Okayama
• Australia national football team
Coach/Mentor/ManagerTakashi Kiyama
PositionAttack - Centre-Forward
• Tackling
• Interceptions
• Marking
• Jumping
• Passing
• Crossing
• Strength
• Heading
• Balance
AchievementsNot Available

Height, Weight, and Figure Measurements

Height (Approx.)in centimeters- 185 cm
in meters- 1.85 m
in feet inches- 6'1"
Weight (Approx.)in kilograms- 81 kg
in pounds- 179 lbs

Figure Measurements

Chest Size41 inches
Biceps Size12 inches
Waist Size32 inches

Extra Ordinary Features

Race / EthnicityAustralian
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
S*xual OrientationStraight
Distinctive Features
Not Available
Dress Size8 U.S.
Shoe Size10 U.S.

Favourite Things

Favorite Playing Position
Favorite CarNot Available
Favorite FoodFruits and Veg
Favorite PlayerNot Available
Favorite Pet AnimalDog
Favorite Cell Phone/BrandIphone

Mitchell Duke Net Worth

In 2022, what will Mitchell Duke’s salary be?                       

In Aug 2021 Mitchell Duke signed a contract with Fagiano Okayama FC that ends in 2023 which netted him a whopping salary of £353,600 per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns £971 per day and £40 per hour!

‎Salary & Net Worth Updated 2022

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$1.5 Million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)Not Available
Annual or Per Year Salary£353,600
Per Month Salary£29,467
Per Week Salary£6,800
Per Day Salary£971
Per Hour Salary£40
Per Minute Salary£0.67
Current ContractWith Fagiano Okayama
Contract Signed/ExtensionAug 5, 2021
Contract ExpiresJan 31, 2023
Contract Signing Amount or Transfer FeeFree Transfer
Market Value$770 Thousand
Highest Market Value$825 Thousand (Sep 11, 2019)
Endorsements$1-$5 Million
Income SourceProfessional Footballer
Cars CollectionNot Available

His stock is on the rise thanks to his performances on the pitch. Mitchell Duke has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 Million, and his market value is about $770 thousand.

Joel King (footballer) Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, FIFA 22, Career, Net Worth & Wiki

Mitchell Duke FIFA 22 Stats – Potential And Rating

The 31-year-old Mitchell Duke plays as a Striker for Fagiano Okayama. In FIFA 22, he has an overall rating of 67 with a potential rating of 67. The skillmoves rating of Duke is 3-stars.

Mitchell Duke FIFA 22 Stats

Overall Rating In FIFA 22


Potential In FIFA 22

58Heading Accuracy
51FK Accuracy
65Short Passing
61Long Passing
51Volleys66Ball Control
75Shot Power
80Ball Control
63Long Shots67Balance
6GK Diving
8GK Handling
11GK Kicking
13GK Positioning
59Composure13GK Reflexes
47Defensive Awareness50Sliding Tackle
52Standing Tackle

His right foot is his preferred shooting foot. His work rate is High / High. According to our database, Duke’s height is 185 cm and his weight is 81 kg. Mitchell Duke is currently playing with the numbers 99 and 15.

Nicolas Gonzalez (Argentine Footballer) Biography, Age, Height, FIFA 22, Career, Net Worth & Wiki

Club Career

  • Prior to joining the Central Coast Mariners youth team, he played for Parramatta Eagles.
  • In a 3–1 win over Gold Coast United on 9 February 2011, Duke made his senior debut for the Mariners and also scored his first goal.
  • He signed a two-year contract with Central Coast Mariners on 24 January 2012.
  • The English Premier League side West Ham United offered Duke a two-week trial in August 2013.
  • Duke scored six goals from 21 games in 2012/13.
  • Despite 29 games played, he scored only three goals in 2013/14.
  • From 15 games played in 2014/15, he scored 3 goals.
  • According to coach Phil Moss, Duke’s goal total decreased due to his increased playing time on the right wing instead of the center-forward position he began his career in.
  • Duke announced on 9 February 2015 that he would be moving to Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan.
  • A cruciate ligament injury forced Duke to miss at least six months of football in April 2016.
  • In December 2018, Duke left Shimizu after four seasons.
  • In January 2019, Mitchell Duke announced that he had returned home and signed with Western Sydney Wanderers FC.
  • Duke signed a two-year deal with Al-Taawoun on 22 August 2020. After scoring the winning goal against Al-Duhail in an AFC Champions League group stage match on 25th September 2020, he fell out of favor with the club leadership.
  • For the remainder of the 2020–21 A-League season, Duke returned to his former club Western Sydney Wanderers on loan.
  • Duke joined Fagiano Okayama on 5 August 2021.

Hugh Grosvenor Biography, Wife, House, Age, Family, Career & Net Worth

Mitchell Duke International Career And Olyroos Debut

  • In July 2013, Duke was included in the Australian national football team for the EAFF East Asian Cup.
  • In the first match of the tournament, Duke made his international tournament debut against South Korea.
  • On the next match, a 3–2 loss to Japan, he scored his first international goal.
  • Duke scored again in Australia’s 4–3 loss to China the following match.
  • In a friendly against Brazil at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha in Brasilia on 7 September 2013, Duke played for the Socceroos in a 0–6 loss.
  • In the 78th minute, Mitch replaced Josh Kennedy as a second-half substitute.
  • The Duke University team qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As a member of the Olympic team, he represented the Olyroos.
  • Despite defeating Argentina in their first group match, they were never in contention for a medal.

Tyrick Mitchell Biography, Career, Club, Family, Net Worth & Wiki


What is Mitchell Duke’s age?

Mitchell Duke is 31 years old.

What is Mitchell Duke’s height?

Mitchell Duke is 185 cm tall. Or 6 ft 1 in.

Which is Mitchell Duke’s preferred foot?

Mitchell Duke’s preferred foot is right.

Where is Mitchell Duke from?

Mitchell Duke is from Australia.

Elizabeth Banks Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Movies, TV Show & Wiki


After reading his biography, you will agree with me that Mitchell Duke worked so hard to achieve success. Even poor kids from the slum can dream big and achieve their dreams thanks to him.

It is important to note that his father and mother were key catalysts in his success story. His career life would not be the same without their contributions. They deserve all the accolades for what they have done.

In addition, his sibling’s and friends’ efforts should not be overlooked. As a result, he never experienced loneliness or depression during his childhood. Mitchell Duke has grown into a cheerful youth as a result of them.

Here Is An Appreciation Note For Your Consideration

Thank you for reading this engaging article about the life journey of the Australian footballer. Hopefully, Mitchell Duke’s childhood story has made you believe that patience and persistence can overcome anything.

At WoodGram, we strive for fairness and accuracy in our biographies. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment below if you find anything fishy in the article on Mitchell Duke.

Dalton Gomez Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Personal Life

Dalton Gomez is a real estate agent from the United States. He is currently the lone buyer agent for Aaron Kirman, a real estate agent based in Los Angeles. Dalton is best known for being the husband of Ariana Grande, a well-known musician.

Dalton Gomez Bio & Wiki

Real NameDalton Jacob Gomez
Age25 Years
Date Of Birth7 August 1995
Birth PlaceSouthern California, California, United States
Zodiac Sign Leo
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend/WifeAriana Grande
HometownLos Angeles, California
SchoolCitrus Valley High School, Redlands, California
College/University University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Education QualificationGraduate
ProfessionLuxury Real Estate Agent
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$20 Million

Dalton Gomez Early Life

Dalton Gomez will be 25 years old in 2022, having been born on August 7, 1995. He was born and raised in a business family in Southern California, California, United States. His astrological sign is Leo.

He had his early studies at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, California. He then went on to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Dalton Gomez
Dalton Gomez

Jessica Lange Bio, Age, Children, King Kong, Net Worth, Movies & Wiki

Dalton has excelled in academics and athletics since he was a toddler. Following graduation, he began working as a real estate agent at the Luxury Real Estate Market. According to accounts, he is the most popular real estate agent in the United States and only works with high-profile clients.

Dalton Gomez Career

He appears to have pursued a different course as he grew older. More than five years ago, he began working in the real estate industry. Dalton previously worked for Aaron Kirman Group as a Director of Operations. As part of his job, he was in command of the top luxury real estate team in Los Angeles.

Dalton now has a huge amount of real estate knowledge. As a result, he’s been able to close numerous lucrative agreements with A-list investors. He has already sold some profitable real estate ventures, and he is still in communication with a well-known high-profile to negotiate additional lucrative deals.

Two of Gomez’s significant real estate deals are Case Study 16, by Craig Ellwood, and Case Study 21, by Pierre Koenig. In North America, he is currently employed by Aaron Kirman and represents only Oscar Niemeyer House.

Dalton Gomez with Ariana Grande
Dalton Gomez with Ariana Grande

Michelle Williams Bio, Age, Daughter, Net Worth, Movies & Wiki

Dalton Gomez Perosnal Life

Ariana Grande, a singer, just married Dalton Gomez. Ariana has been his girlfriend since January 2020. However, we have yet to learn more about how they met and how their relationship began. Miley Cyrus is one of Gomez’s well-known acquaintances. In July 2017, Miley shared an Instagram storey with Gomez.

Dalton and Ariana were first spotted together in February 2020. They had a chance to spend quality time together during the pandemic just after a month in March. The pair was indeed quarantined in the same residence together. After both appearing on Grande and Justin Bieber’s duet song, Stuck With U, in May 2020, they made their relationship public.

In December 2020, the couple confirmed their engagement. Grande even shared a photo of her diamond and pearl engagement ring with the message “Forever n then some” on Instagram. Dalton and Ariana have strengthened their relationship by marrying on May 17, 2021. The wedding ceremony took place at Grande’s home in Montecito, with only about 20 guests in attendance.

Dalton Gomez with Ariana Grande
Dalton Gomez with Ariana Grande

Lisa Marie Presley Bio, Age, Spouse, Children, Net Worth, Music & Wiki

Dalton Gomez Net Worth

Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s new husband, has a net worth of roughly $20 million, according to Life & Style. For someone whose face isn’t exactly in the spotlight, it’s not bad. While his actual net worth is unknown, there are a few indicators that indicate he may be worth more than many people believe. For starters, he purchased her a six-figure diamond-and-pearl engagement ring, according to Page Six. Some experts estimate the value of Grande’s engagement ring to be between $200,000 and $300,000, while others estimate it to be in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. What we do know is that it’s between five and six carats  a colossal bling that Gomez could easily buy.

Gomez works with Aaron Kirman, a Los Angeles-based luxury real estate firm. He has been with the company for five years and is the sole buyer’s representative, according to his official bio. During his first three years, Gomez also served as Director of Operations, “managing all day-to-day operations of the top luxury real estate team in LA.” According to the website, he is the agent for a $12.5 million mansion and has worked with a number of celebrities, including Nicolas Cage and Shaun White. He’s also sold a couple different Bel Air mansions. It’s safe to say Gomez is well-versed in opulence and has the financial means to back it up.

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Q1. How is Dalton Gomez so rich?

Ans. He made his fortune working for the Aaron Kirman Group in Beverly Hills as a luxury real estate agent. The 26-year-old California native has a track record of selling homes for up to $12.5 million.

Q2. How did Ariana meet Dalton Gomez?

Ans. Ariana was seeking for a getaway property outside of Los Angeles, and her team turned to Dalton for assistance, the insider revealed. She felt he was cute and really good-looking the moment she saw him, and she urged her team to set up an in-person meeting with him.

Q3. Is Dalton Gomez Selena Gomez brother?

Ans. Dalton is not Selena’s brother and they are not connected. They share the same surname, which is a coincidence.


Nick Saban Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife, Education, Career, & Wiki

Nick Lou Saban Jr. (born October 31, 1951) is an American football coach who has led the University of Alabama football team since 2007. We will see more about Nick Saban Net Worth.

Saban has previously held the position of head coach for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League and three additional universities: Louisiana State University (LSU), Michigan State University, and the University of Toledo. Many people believe Saban to be the greatest college football coach ever.

Saban led the LSU Tigers to a BCS National Championship in 2003, the Alabama Crimson Tide to BCS and AP national titles in 2009, 2011, and 2012, and College Football Playoff titles in 2015, 2017, and 2020. As a head coach, he has won the most national titles in college football history, with seven.

Since the debut of the Associated Press poll in 1936, he became the only coach in college football history to win a national title with two separate Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools. Only Saban and Bear Bryant have won an SEC title with two separate colleges. Saban has a 269–67–1 record as a collegiate head coach.

Saban was honoured by the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in 2013. At Alabama, Saban has coached four Heisman Trophy winners: Mark Ingram (2009), Derrick Henry (2015), DeVonta Smith (2020), and Bryce Young (2020). (2021).

 Nick Saban

Nick Saban

Nick Saban Bio/Wiki

Real NameNick Lou Saban Jr.
NicknameNick Saban
Age71 years
Date Of BirthOctober 31, 1951
Birth PlaceFairmont, West Virginia, United States
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight67 kg
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair ColourHazel
Marital Status Married
WifeTerry Constable
ProfessionFootball Coach
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$60 million

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Early Life

Saban was born to Mary and Nick Lou Saban, Sr. in Fairmont, West Virginia. He grew up with a sister, Dianna, and attended Monongah High School in Monongah, West Virginia, a tiny town about 25 miles (40 kilometres) southwest of Morgantown. Saban’s ancestors are Croatian. Stanko Saban, his paternal grandpa, was born in 1895 in Gospi, Croatia, in the Lika area. Stanko moved to Portland, Oregon, when he was 13 years old, in 1908. Later in life, he married Anna Mihalic, a Croatian-American woman.

Saban was a member of the 1968 West Virginia state championship squad as a quarterback. Kerry Marbury, who went on to thrive for the West Virginia Mountaineers and play in the Canadian Football League, was one of his teammates.

Saban married Terry Constable, a West Virginia native, on December 18, 1971. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kent State University in 1973. Coach Don James had Saban play defensive back at Kent State. On May 4, 1970, he and a roommate avoided getting involved in the Kent State killings by eating lunch before heading to the protest location. Saban graduated from Kent State University with a master’s degree in sports management in 1975. Saban’s father died in the first year of his son’s graduate school.

Personal Life

Saban is a fervent Catholic who goes to Mass every Sunday before a game. The Sabans are members of Tuscaloosa’s St. Francis of Assisi University Parish. Father Gerald Holloway, a priest from St. Francis’ Parish, was a chaplain for the football club until being reassigned.

Saban has Croatian ancestry. Bill Belichick and Nick Saban are buddies. When asked about their connection, Belichick said: “In the same NFL division, two successful Croats. You have to admit, that isn’t something you see every day.”

Saban shares his last name with Lou Saban, another well-known football coach. In a 2005 piece on the younger Saban’s accomplishments, Lou referred to them as “distant relatives.” When Lou Saban died, his widow Joyce Saban speculated that the two men were second cousins, although their families claim they are not related.

Saban had a cameo appearance as himself in the 2009 film The Blind Side, and instead of following the screenplay, he wanted to just repeat a discussion he had with Michael Oher, which director John Lee Hancock agreed to. The documentary Nick Saban: Gamechanger was published in August 2010. Interviews with Belichick and Alabama athletic director Mal Moore, among others, are included in the video.

Saban has been married to his wife Terry for about 45 years. Nicholas and Kristen are their two children. The Sabans are co-founders of the Nick’s Kids foundation. Since Saban took over as head coach, the Sabans have utilised their organisation to aid support children’s needs. Nick’s Kids raised almost $1 million in his first three years at Alabama. Saban owns a lake house on Lake Burton in northeast Georgia where he spends his summers.

Outside of football, Saban maintains contact with his former players and serves as a mentor to them. Saban meets with former NFL players as well as former athletes who have moved on from football, such as linebacker Eryk Anders, who is now a pro fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In 2022, Saban co-signed a letter to Senator Joe Manchin expressing support for the Freedom to Vote Act, with a footnote stating that he does not favour the abolition of the Senate filibuster. Saban and Manchin grew up in West Virginia together, and Saban backed Manchin for Senate in 2018.

Nick Saban Education

Saban was a member of the 1968 West Virginia state championship squad as a quarterback. Kerry Marbury, who went on to thrive for the West Virginia Mountaineers and play in the Canadian Football League, was one of his teammates. 

Saban married Terry Constable, a West Virginia native, on December 18, 1971. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kent State University in 1973. Coach Don James had Saban play defensive back at Kent State. Saban graduated from Kent State University with a master’s degree in sports management in 1975.


Early days of career

Saban had not want to enter the coaching ranks until Don James hired him as a graduate assistant at Kent State while he awaited his wife’s graduation. Later in his career, he worked as an assistant coach in NCAA Division I-A at Syracuse in 1977, West Virginia in 1978 and 1979, Ohio State in 1980 and 1981, Navy in 1982, and Michigan State from 1983 to 1987.

After the 1987 season, Kent State chose Dick Crum instead of Saban to fill the vacant head coaching post. Saban was then appointed as an assistant coach with the National Football League’s Houston Oilers.


Saban began his head coaching career on December 22, 1989, when he was hired by the University of Toledo. Following 6–5 seasons in 1988 and 1989, the Rockets experienced early success in 1990 under Nick Saban. Toledo was co-champion of the Mid-American Conference with a 9–2 record.

The Rockets only lost two games that season, both by one point against Central Michigan and four points to Navy. Saban turned rejected an application from future head coach Urban Meyer when teaching in Toledo. Meyer was searching for any coaching job on Saban’s staff.

Cleveland Browns

Saban quit as Toledo’s head coach after only one season to become the Cleveland Browns’ defensive coordinator under Bill Belichick the following February. For four seasons, he held that role. These four years, Saban subsequently claimed, were the “worst of my life.”

Prior to the 1995 season, Saban was named head coach at Michigan State. The squad had not won a game since 1990, and the NCAA had sanctioned the programme for recruiting breaches committed under his predecessor and former mentor, George Perles.

Saban considerably improved Michigan State’s fortunes after taking over in 1995, leading the Spartans to bowl games in each of his first three seasons. Michigan State finished 6–5–1, 6–6, and 7–5 from 1995 to 1997. MSU had ended 5–6, 6–6, and 5–6 in 1992–1994, respectively (prior to NCAA forfeits).

The Spartans defeated the No. 1 rated Ohio State Buckeyes 28–24 at Ohio Stadium on November 7, 1998. Despite the shock and an early-season thrashing of then-highly rated Notre Dame, the Spartans ended 6–6, with three last-minute defeats including turnovers, defensive breakdowns, and special-teams misplays, and were denied a bowl invitation.

Saban coached the 1999 Michigan State Spartans to a 9–2 record, which included victories against Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. Purdue and Wisconsin were both routs in the two defeats. Saban unexpectedly left after the last regular-season game against Penn State to accept the head coaching post at LSU. Bobby Williams, Saban’s associate head coach and successor, led the Spartans to a Citrus Bowl victory over Florida, giving them a 10–2 record for the 1999 season.

The Spartans had their most victories in a season since 1965, and they had their greatest ranking since the 1966 squad. On Saban’s coaching staff in 1999, future NFL head coach Josh McDaniels worked as a graduate assistant.


LSU hired Nick Saban as their 31st head football coach in November 1999. The Tigers finished 8–4 and won the Peach Bowl in 2000. Several blowout losses plagued the season, including a 34–17 loss to the Auburn Tigers and a 41–9 loss to the Florida Gators.

In 2001, Saban led LSU to a 10–3 record, which included an SEC Championship and a Sugar Bowl win. The Tigers went on to win six straight games after losing to the Ole Miss Rebels, including a win over #2 Tennessee in the 2001 SEC Championship Game and a 47–34 triumph over Illinois in the 2002 Sugar Bowl.

It was LSU’s first undisputed SEC championship since 1986, and the Tigers’ first Sugar Bowl victory since 1968.

The 2002 season began with great hopes, but a 26–8 loss to Virginia Tech prompted severe doubts about the team’s prospects. The Tigers would go on to win their next six games, but following a mid-season injury to quarterback Matt Mauck, LSU lost four of its final six games, including a 21–20 loss at Arkansas that forced them to split the SEC West Division championship with the Razorbacks. LSU also finished 8–5 after losing 35–20 to Texas in the Cotton Bowl Classic.

The 2003 Tigers opened the season with five victories, including a 17–10 triumph over the defending SEC champion and unbeaten Georgia Bulldogs at Tiger Stadium. The next week, LSU was defeated 19–7 by Florida. LSU did not lose again in the regular season after the defeat to Florida, and finished the regular season with a win against the Arkansas Razorbacks to win the SEC West. The Tigers beat the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta after winning the SEC West.

They were rated No. 2 in the BCS rankings and progressed to the Sugar Bowl to face the BCS No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners, who hosted the BCS Championship Game in 2003. The Tigers won by a score of 21–14.LSU won the BCS national title and finished the season with a 13–1 record.

LSU concluded the 2004 season with a 9–3 record after losing the Capital One Bowl 30–25 to the Iowa Hawkeyes on a last-second touchdown throw. Other defeats that season included a 10–9 loss on the road at Auburn and a 45–16 loss on the road at Georgia. Saban departed LSU to coach the Miami Dolphins at the end of the 2004 season.

Miami Dolphins

On December 25, 2004, Saban accepted the head coaching post with the Miami Dolphins. He was the franchise’s sixth coach in its existence. In 2005, the Nick Saban era began with a 34–10 victory over the Denver Broncos. The Dolphins struggled after that, losing seven of their next nine games to drop to 3–7. The two victories were against the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints, in a game played in Tiger Stadium because of Hurricane Katrina.

The Dolphins would come back late in the season, winning their final six games, including a win against the New England Patriots at Foxboro, Massachusetts, after a disappointing two months. In Saban’s first season, the squad finished 9–7 and missed the playoffs by a hair.

The Dolphins were projected to compete for a playoff position heading into the 2006 season. The season, on the other hand, was a huge letdown. The Dolphins considered signing quarterback Drew Brees, who had just been released by the San Diego Chargers due to a career-threatening shoulder injury and a contract disagreement but instead chose Daunte Culpepper, who was still recovering from a knee injury from the previous season. Culpepper never fully recovered and was eventually benched after the Dolphins lost to the Houston Texans in the fourth game of the season. After that, he was placed on an injured reserve.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, got hot after opening the season 0–6. They won four straight games, including victories over the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs, both of which had previously gone undefeated and had advanced to the Super Bowl that year. The Dolphins were suddenly back in the postseason chase at 5–6, but a 24–10 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars the next week effectively ruined their playoff aspirations.

The Dolphins bounced back the following week, defeating the New England Patriots 21–0. The victory would be the Dolphins’ final bright moment of the 2006 season. Joey Harrington, the starting quarterback, was eventually benched in favour of Cleo Lemon, the third-string quarterback.

While the defence was excellent, the offence was abysmal, with the exception of running back Ronnie Brown, who rushed for over 1,000 yards on the season. The Dolphins would lose their next two games to the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, finishing with a 6–10 record, Saban’s first as a head coach.

Mike Shula, the head coach of the University of Alabama, was fired on November 27, 2006. Saban was thought to be at the top of Alabama’s wish list, but he wouldn’t talk about the position while his NFL season was still going on.

During the month of December 2006, the media regularly questioned Saban about the Alabama position, and he continually refuted the reports in his weekly news conferences, noting on December 21 that “I suppose I’m forced to say it. I’m not going to be the coach of Alabama.” On January 1, 2007, Saban met with Alabama officials immediately after the Dolphins’ season-ending loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

2007 season

Saban accepted an offer to become Alabama’s 27th head coach on January 3, 2007, following a meeting with Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga. His first eight-year deal at US$32 million made him one of the highest-paid football coaches in the United States at the time, whether professional or college.

Saban was officially announced as the head football coach of The University of Alabama on January 4, 2007, at a news conference on the Alabama campus.

His Crimson Tide began the 2007 season with a 52–6 victory over the Western Carolina Catamounts, scoring more points than in any game during the previous season. With a win over the No. 16 Arkansas Razorbacks, Saban became the fifth Alabama coach to open his debut season 3–0 since 1900. Alabama finished the regular season with a 6–6 record, including a four-game losing skid, a humiliating home loss to Louisiana-Monroe, and a sixth straight Iron Bowl loss to Auburn. The Crimson Tide defeated Colorado 30–24 in the 2007 Independence Bowl to finish the season with a 7–6 record.

2008 Season 

Saban led the Tide to a perfect 12–0 regular season record in his second year as head coach, after a disappointing season in 2007. Saban led the Crimson Tide to their first undefeated regular season since 1994, finishing unbeaten for the first time in his head coaching tenure. He was named “The Most Powerful Coach in Sports” on the cover of Forbes magazine on September 1, 2008.

In the Chick-fil-A College Kickoff at the Georgia Dome, his second season at the Capstone began with a 34–10 victory over the No. 9 ranked Clemson Tigers. Three weeks later, Alabama defeated Arkansas 49–14 on the road.

The Tide followed it up with a 41–30 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs, who were rated third in the country. Following the Georgia game, the Tide won back-to-back home games over the Kentucky Wildcats and the Ole Miss Rebels, and ended October with a 29–9 win over the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville. Following No. 1 Texas’ defeat to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the Crimson Tide climbed to No. 1 in all major polls in Week 10 after a 35–0 homecoming victory over Arkansas State. It was the first time Alabama had kept the #1 rank throughout the regular season since 1980.

The Tide brought their No. 1 position to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and defeated LSU 27–21 in overtime. With the victory, Alabama won their first SEC Western Division title since 1999, as well as a berth in the 2008 SEC championship game. With a win over Mississippi State at home, the Tide moved to 11–0. Bama won 36–0 over in-state rival Auburn to end the regular season, the greatest margin of victory in the rivalry since 1962. Alabama won for the first time against Auburn since the 2001 season.

Alabama lost their first game of the season in the SEC Championship Game, 31–20 to the SEC Eastern Division Champion Florida Gators (who went on to win the 2008 BCS Championship), and finished the season with a 31–17 loss to Utah in the Sugar Bowl to complete the season at 12–2. Saban won multiple Coach of the Year accolades for his efforts during the season.

2009 season

No. 5 in the 2009 season In the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, Alabama defeated the No. 7 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies 34–24, kicking off Saban’s third season. Following that, the Crimson Tide defeated Florida International and North Texas. The next week, Alabama defeated Arkansas 35–7 in their conference opener. Alabama defeated Kentucky 38–20 in its sixth game of the season. Bama defeated Ole Miss 22–3 in the season’s sixth game, which featured a hard-fought defensive fight. Alabama beat the South Carolina Gamecocks, 20–6, in the seventh game. Alabama moved up to No. 1 in the AP poll for the second year in a row the next day.

The next week, Alabama defeated Tennessee 12–10 after Terrence Cody stopped Tennessee’s game-winning field goal attempt with four seconds remaining, securing the victory and increasing Alabama’s record to 8–0.

Alabama won its second consecutive SEC West Division Championship by defeating LSU 24–15 after a bye week. The next week, Alabama beat Mississippi State 31–3, earning Alabama’s second consecutive 10-win season. Following a 45–0 whitewash of Chattanooga on Black Friday, Alabama fought back to defeat Gene Chizik’s Auburn Tigers 26–21, marking the first time Alabama had gone undefeated in consecutive regular seasons since 1973–1974 and the first straight 12-win seasons.

In a rematch of the previous year’s title game, the Crimson Tide defeated the Florida Gators 32–13 in the SEC Championship. Alabama won the SEC championship for the 22nd time, and for the first time since 1999. Saban’s Crimson Tide finished the season with a perfect 14–0 record after defeating the Texas Longhorns 37–21 in the National Championship. The victory was Saban’s second national title, and Alabama’s 13th overall and first in the BCS era.

Saban famously declared at the on-campus celebration, “This is not the end, I want everyone to know. This is the first step.” Following the victory over the Longhorns, the University of Alabama announced that a monument of Saban will be unveiled in the week leading up to the 2010 season’s opener.

On April 16, 2011, at the 2011 A-Day spring game, a life-size bronzed statue of Saban was erected, making him Alabama’s fifth coach to be memorialised outside Bryant–Denny Stadium’s north end zone.

Season 2010

Alabama was unanimously selected as the preseason No. 1 team in both the AP and Coaches Polls as he began his fourth season. The Crimson Tide began the season rated No. 1 for the first time since 1978. Alabama trounced San Jose State 48–3 in front of a season-opening crowd of 101,821. The Tide beat Joe Paterno and #23 Penn State 24–3 in their first meeting since 1990 the following week.

Mark Ingram earned his first start of the 2010 season against Duke the next week, guiding Alabama to a 62–13 victory. The next week, Alabama recovered a 20–7 deficit to defeat #10 Arkansas 24–20 in their conference opener. Alabama beat #7 Florida 31–6 on October 2. The next week, Alabama was defeated 35–21 by #19 South Carolina, ending a 19-game winning run (29 in regular season).

Alabama rebounded with a 23–10 win over Ole Miss and a 41–10 triumph over Tennessee. Alabama suffered its second defeat of the season after a bye week, falling 24–21 against #10 LSU. Alabama rebounded back the next week, defeating #17 Mississippi State 30–10 at home. The game celebrated the University of Alabama’s football program’s 800th victory. The next week, Alabama trounced Georgia State 63–7, marking the first time the Crimson Tide had scored more than 60 points since 1979. Alabama fell 28–27 to in-state rival (and eventual BCS winner) Auburn in the Iron Bowl, ending a 20-game home winning run.

Auburn overturned a 24–0 second-quarter Alabama advantage to win the game, marking the biggest deficit overcome by any team in the Crimson Tide’s football program’s history. Alabama was chosen to play in the 2011 Capital One Bowl, and in their first encounter, Alabama crushed #7 Michigan State 49–7, the greatest margin of victory in the history of that bowl game. The bowl victory improved Alabama’s record to 10–3 for the season, securing the Crimson Tide’s third straight 10-win season.

Season 2011

Alabama was rated No. 2 in the country when he began his fifth season. Alabama beat Saban’s alma school Kent State 48–7 in the season’s first game. The next week, Alabama upset Joe Paterno and the #23 Nittany Lions 27–11 in their first visit to Penn State since 1989. Alabama defeated North Texas 41–0 for its first shutout of the season. Alabama beat Arkansas 38–14 in the conference opener. The next week, Alabama upset the 12th-ranked Florida Gators 38–10 in The Swamp. The next week, Alabama defeated Vanderbilt 34–0 in their homecoming game. The Crimson Tide then went to Oxford and beat Ole Miss 52–7.

Alabama beat Tennessee 37–6 in week 8 after scoring 31 consecutive points in the second half. Following a bye week, Alabama hosted #1 LSU, losing 9–6 in overtime in a contest between the conference’s top two teams.

After a shaky first half, Alabama bounced back with a 24–7 triumph over Mississippi State the following week. On Senior Day the following week, Alabama beat FCS 3rd-ranked Georgia Southern 45–21. Saban tied Bear Bryant for the fourth consecutive 10-win season with this victory. Alabama beat Auburn 42–14 in the Iron Bowl. Saban’s third victory over the Tigers in the last four years.

By finishing second in the final BCS rankings on December 4, Alabama was selected to face LSU in the BCS National Championship Game, marking the first time in college football history that two teams from the same conference (much less the same division of the same conference) faced off for the BCS Championship. Alabama won the rematch 21–0 with a dominant defensive performance, bringing Saban’s record against Les Miles and his old employer, LSU, to 3–3. The victory earned Saban his third BCS Championship, his second with Alabama, and the team’s 14th National Championship.

He is the only coach in college football history to win three BCS Championships, and the first coach to win three National Championships since Nebraska’s Tom Osborne.

2012 season

Alabama began his sixth season at No. 2 in both preseason polls for the second year in a row. Alabama started the season against #8 Michigan at Cowboys Stadium, winning 41–14 in the first meeting between the two institutions since the 2000 Orange Bowl. Alabama climbed to No. 1 in both polls the following week, marking the sixth year in a row that the Tide had held the top spot. Alabama defeated Western Kentucky 35–0 a few days later.

The next week, Alabama began conference play by defeating Arkansas 52–0, their sixth straight win against the Razorbacks. Alabama beat Florida Atlantic 40–7 in week 4, earning Saban his 150th victory. The Tide beat Ole Miss 33–14 the next week. Following a bye week, Alabama returned to Columbia, Missouri, and trounced the Missouri Tigers 42–10 in their first meeting as league opponents since 1978. The next week, Alabama beat Tennessee 44–13 for the sixth year in a row. Alabama defeated #13 Mississippi State 38–7 on homecoming.

Alabama defeated #5 LSU 21–17 in a rematch of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, overcoming a late deficit with less than a minute remaining.

The next week, Alabama lost their first game of the season, 29–24, against new conference member #15 Texas A&M. The next week, Alabama bounced back with its third shutout of the season, defeating Western Carolina 49–0. Alabama’s win gave them their fifth consecutive 10-win season, tying a record set between 1971 and 1975. Alabama won its third SEC Western Division Championship under Saban by defeating Auburn 49–0 in the Iron Bowl. It’s the rivalry’s second-largest margin of victory in history and the first shutout since 2008.

It’s Alabama’s fourth shutout of the season (they’re second in a straight), and the Tide end the regular season with an 11–1 record for the second year in a row. The Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 32–28 in the SEC Championship, claiming the school’s 23rd conference title. Alabama’s first conference title since 2009, and Saban’s fourth overall, came in 2012. (2nd with Alabama). For the fourth time in five years, the win guaranteed a berth in a BCS bowl game. Alabama finished second in the final BCS standings for the second season in a row on December 2.

In the first meeting between the schools since 1987, No. 2 Alabama defeated No. 1 Notre Dame 42–14 in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game on January 7, 2013. Alabama won their 15th national title, and their third in four years, with the victory. For the first time since 1978 and 1979, Alabama has won back-to-back national championships. Saban’s fourth national championship and third with the Crimson Tide tied him for second all-time at Alabama with Wallace Wade.

In the first meeting between the schools since 1987, No. 2 Alabama defeated No. 1 Notre Dame 42–14 in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game on January 7, 2013. Alabama won their 15th national title, and their third in four years, with the victory. For the first time since 1978 and 1979, Alabama has won back-to-back national championships. Saban’s fourth national championship and third with the Crimson Tide tied him for second all-time at Alabama with Wallace Wade.

2013 Season 

For the first time since 2010, Saban’s Crimson Tide was named No. 1 in both the AP and Coaches preseason polls as the 2013 season began. At the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Alabama beat Virginia Tech 35–10 in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. After a bye week, Alabama went to College Station, Texas, to win its first conference game, upsetting #6 Texas A&M 49–42 in a thrilling shootout that Alabama had lost the year before. Alabama then defeated Colorado State, which was coached by Jim McElwain, Alabama’s former offensive coordinator, 31–6. Next up for Alabama was the #21 Ole Miss Rebels, who were shut out 25–0 for their eleventh straight win in the series.

Alabama defeated Georgia State 45–3 the next week. Alabama then travelled to Kentucky and beat them 48–7. Alabama beat Arkansas 52–0 for the second year in a row. The Tide beat Tennessee 45–10 on the third Saturday of October to win their eighth consecutive game against the Vols. Alabama faced #10 LSU after their second bye week, and Saban improved his record against the Tigers to 5–3 with a 38–17 victory. In a defensive match, the Crimson Tide beat Mississippi State 20–7. Alabama now had six straight ten-win seasons, the longest streak in school history. The Tide defeated FCS opponent Chattanooga 49–0 on Senior Day.

The Iron Bowl followed next, which was hosted by #4 Auburn in a showdown of top five teams. With barely a second remaining in regulation, the game was knotted 28–28, and Alabama and Auburn seemed to be headed for overtime. Extra time was not required, as Saban chose to kick a 56-yard field goal rather than run out the clock or attempt a Hail Mary from the Auburn 39-yard line. The choice backfired when the field goal attempt was short, but Chris Davis of the Auburn Tigers grabbed it nine yards deep in the end zone and returned it 109 yards for a score as time expired.

The Tide’s hopes for a national championship were crushed with the 28–34 loss, which eliminated Alabama from contention for the SEC Championship. For the third year in a row, Alabama concluded the regular season 11–1 and shared the SEC West Division title with Auburn. Alabama was placed No. 3 in the final BCS standings at the end of the regular season, earning an at-large berth to the 2014 Sugar Bowl.

Alabama accepted an offer to participate in their third consecutive BCS bowl game, and fifth overall in Saban’s seven years at the university. Alabama was defeated 45–31 by Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. This was Saban’s second bowl loss at Alabama, and his first since losing to Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl. The Crimson Tide ended the season with an 11–2 record.

Season 2014

For the third time in four years, Alabama opened the season at No. 2 in the preseason AP and Coaches Polls, as he enters his eighth season. It was the Crimson Tide’s fifth consecutive season in the top two, and their seventh consecutive season in the top five. In the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, Alabama moved to 4–0, defeating West Virginia 33–23 in the first meeting between the two teams. The Tide beat Florida Atlantic 41–0 in their home opener the following week after the game was called in the fourth quarter due to lightning. Southern Miss was beaten 52–12 the next week.

Alabama racked up 645 yards of offence in their conference opener, defeating Florida 42–21. Alabama was selected No. 1 in the Coaches Poll following a bye week, marking the seventh straight season the Crimson Tide has topped the poll. Alabama lost their first game of the season, 23–17, against #11 Ole Miss, snapping a 10-game winning run against the Rebels. Alabama rallied back in Saban’s 100th game with the Tide, defeating Arkansas 14–13 for its eighth straight win in the series. The Tide trounced #21 Texas A&M the next week, shutting them out 59–0, their fourth-largest win in school history.

Alabama defeated Tennessee for the seventh time in a row, 34–20, in their annual rivalry. Alabama headed to Baton Rouge to play #14 LSU after a second bye week. Alabama defeated the Tigers 20–13 in overtime after scoring a late field goal. Alabama upset #1 Mississippi State 25–20 in a top-five battle, marking the first time Alabama has defeated an AP No. 1 team at home.

Alabama then beat Western Carolina, an FCS opponent, 48–14. Alabama has now won ten games in a row for the seventh time in a row. Alabama avenged their sole regular-season loss last season in the Iron Bowl, defeating in-state rival #15 Auburn 55–44, the highest points scored in the rivalry’s history.

For the fourth consecutive season, the Tide went 11–1 in the regular season and won the SEC West. It was Alabama’s fifth division title under Saban (8th overall for his career). Saban earned his fifth SEC title (3rd with Alabama) in the 2014 SEC Championship Game, defeating #14 Missouri 42–13. Alabama won its 24th SEC title and first since 2012. Alabama was a No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff, and they lost 42–35 to No. 4 seed Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Saban’s third Sugar Bowl defeat was at Alabama. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 12–2 record.

Season 2015

In his ninth season, Saban and Alabama were placed third in the preseason AP and Coaches Polls, marking the Tide’s eighth consecutive season in the top five. It was the team’s lowest preseason position since 2009. Alabama defeated #20 Wisconsin 35–17 in their season opener in Arlington, Texas.

The Tide trounced Middle Tennessee 37–10 in their home opener. In the conference opener, Alabama fell to #15 Ole Miss, 43–37, after a back-and-forth battle. Alabama rebounded back the next week with a 34–0 triumph against Louisiana Monroe. The Tide won 38–10 against #8 Georgia in a conference game. Alabama then beat Arkansas 27–14 to win the series for the seventh time in a row.

The Tide defeated #9 Texas A&M 41–23 the next week, thanks to a solid defensive effort. The Tide defeated Tennessee 19–14 in the traditional Third Saturday in October matchup, giving them their tenth consecutive win in the rivalry. After a bye week, Alabama visited #2 LSU in a top-five clash and won 30–16. Saban won the series for the sixth time in a row. For the eighth consecutive year, the Tide defeated #20 Mississippi State 31–6.

Following that, Alabama trounced FCS opponent Charleston Southern 56–6 to give Saban his eighth straight 10-win season. Alabama won their fourth straight West Division Championship and Saban’s sixth overall in the Iron Bowl, defeating in-state foe Auburn 29–13.

The Tide also went 11–1 in the regular season for the sixth time in a row. When the Tide defeated #18 Florida 29–15 in the SEC Championship, Saban won his sixth conference title. It was Alabama’s 25th conference title, second in a row, and third in the last four years.

Alabama was picked as the #2 seed in the College Football Playoff for the second year in a row. Derrick Henry, a running back, became Saban’s second Heisman Trophy winner on December 12. Saban is the only active coach with multiple Heisman Trophy winners, joining Bob Stoops. Alabama defeated #3 seed Michigan State 38–0 in the College Football Playoff quarterfinal at the Cotton Bowl.

Alabama’s first victory in the College Football Playoff and first appearance in a national championship game since the 2012 season. Alabama went on to win the College Football Playoff National Championship by defeating unbeaten #1 Clemson 45–40. Alabama won its 16th national championship and fourth in the last seven seasons. Saban won his fifth national championship, and his fourth at Alabama. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 14–1 record.

Season 2016

Alabama began the tenth season of Saban’s coaching career atop the AP and Coaches polls. Alabama was ranked No. 1 at some stage during the 2016 season for the eighth time in a row. Alabama defeated traditional power #20 USC 52–6 in the Advocare Classic in Arlington, Texas, in their first meeting since the 1985 Aloha Bowl.


The Tide defeated Western Kentucky 38–10 in their home opener. Alabama defeated #19 Ole Miss 48–43 in the conference opener to avenge their past two regular-season defeats. Saban’s alma college, Kent State, was shut out 48–0 the next week. Alabama beat Kentucky 34–6 on homecoming. Saban won his 10th straight game against Arkansas the following week, 49–30. Alabama crushed #9 Tennessee 49–10 in the annual Third Saturday in October, winning for the 10th time in a straight over the Vols.

Alabama beat #6 Texas A&M 33–14 in their second consecutive game against a top-10 opponent. The Tide travelled to Baton Rouge to face #15 LSU after a bye week. Alabama defeated the Tigers 10–0 in a defensive battle.Saban’s win was his 200th as a collegiate head coach. Alabama has now won six straight games over LSU, including the first shutout since the 2012 BCS National Championship Game. Alabama beat Mississippi State 51–3 the next week. Saban now has nine seasons in a row in which he has won ten or more games.

With a win against #9 Auburn, Georgia won its fifth consecutive SEC West Division title, Saban’s seventh at Alabama and tenth overall. The Tide trounced FCS opponent Chattanooga 31–3 the next week. Saban completed an undefeated regular season by defeating in-state rival #16 Auburn 30–12 in the Iron Bowl.

This was Alabama’s first win over the Tigers in three years, dating back to 1990–1992. Alabama went 12–0 for the third time in Saban’s tenure at Alabama and the first time since 2009. Alabama beat #15 Florida 54–16 in the SEC Championship game, a rematch of the previous season’s final game. Alabama won their 26th SEC championship, Saban’s fifth at Alabama and seventh overall.

This was Alabama’s third consecutive SEC title, the first time the Crimson Tide had won three in a row since 1977–1979, and the first since the SEC Championship Game was created in 1992. Alabama qualified for the College Football Playoff for the third year in a row and was seeded first for the second time.The Tide were chosen to play in the Peach Bowl against the Washington Huskies, who were seeded fourth.

Alabama defeated the Huskies 24–7 in their first meeting since the Sun Bowl in 1986. Alabama lost 35–31 to #2 Clemson in a repeat of the previous season’s National Championship game when the Tigers scored a game-winning touchdown pass with 1 second remaining on the clock. Time expired after Alabama failed to recover Clemson’s onside kick. Alabama’s 26-game winning streak came to an end, and it was Saban’s first loss in a championship game. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 14–1 record.

Season 2017

Alabama opened the season atop both the AP and Coaches polls for the second year in a row in Saban’s 11th season. Alabama was ranked No. 1 at some point during the season for the 10th time in a straight, and the fourth time under Saban. In the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, Alabama defeated #3 Florida State 24–7 in a duel of top-3 teams. Alabama is now 5–0 versus former assistant coaches in Chick-fil-A games, and Saban is 11–0 against them. The Tide trounced Fresno State 41–10 in their home opener. Alabama beat Colorado State 41–23 the next week. The Tide defeated Vanderbilt 59–0 in the league opener.

The next week, Alabama thrashed Ole Miss 66–3, setting a new record for most points scored in a game since 1979. The next week, Alabama beat Texas A&M 27–19 on the road. The next week, Alabama trounced Arkansas 41–9 to win the series for the 11th time in a row. The Tide beat Tennessee 45–7 on the traditional Third Saturday in October. The victory was the Vols’ 11th in a row, tying the school record established from 1971 to 1981. After a bye week, Alabama defeated #19 LSU 24–10 for the fifth time in a row. The Crimson Tide then headed to Starkville and defeated #18 Mississippi State 31–24.

Saban’s 10th consecutive season with 10 or more victories was achieved with this victory. Alabama defeated FCS opponent Mercer 56–0 on Senior Day. Saban’s senior class now has 51 wins, tying the NCAA record. The Tide lost their first game of the season in the Iron Bowl, losing 26–14 to in-state foe #6 Auburn. They went 11–1 in the regular season. Alabama was named to the College Football Playoff for the fourth year in a row on December 3, becoming the first team to be picked despite placing second in the SEC Western division and missing out on a chance to compete for the SEC Championship. They were seeded fourth and faced the Clemson Tigers, who were seeded first, in the Sugar Bowl.

Alabama won 24–6 in a replay of the previous two National Championship games, avenging the previous season’s sole defeat to Clemson. Saban’s first Sugar Bowl triumph as Alabama’s coach came with the victory, snapping a three-game losing record in the bowl. Saban’s third consecutive berth in the College Football Playoff Championship game was clinched with the victory.

It was also Saban’s Senior class’s 52nd win, an NCAA record. In the 2nd ever National Championship game between SEC teams, Alabama faced the #3 seed Georgia Bulldogs. Tua Tagovailoa, the backup quarterback, completed the game-winning touchdown pass to DeVonta Smith in overtime to give the Titans a 26–23 victory. Alabama won their 17th National Championship and they’re fifth in the last nine seasons.

With six National Championships, Saban is tied with Coach Bear Bryant for the most in the poll era. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 13–1 record.

Season 2018

Alabama began the season ranked #1 in the AP and coaches polls for the third consecutive year in its eleventh season. The Tide beat Louisville 51–14 in the Camping World Kickoff in Orlando, Florida. The Tide trounced Arkansas State 57–7 in their home opener. The Crimson Tide defeated Ole Miss 62–7 in their conference opener. Jimbo Fisher and #22 Texas A&M were then beaten 45–23 by the Tide. Alabama defeated Louisiana 56–14 the next week. Alabama next travelled to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and beat the Hogs 65–31 for the 12th time in a row. The Crimson Tide beat Missouri 39–10 on homecoming.

Alabama beat Tennessee 58–21 on the third Saturday of October. With 12 wins and the most points scored against the Vols, it was the longest winning streak and most points scored against them. Alabama’s bye week was followed by a trip to Baton Rouge to face #4 LSU in a top four battle.

The Tide won their 7th straight division title by shutting out the Tigers 29–0. Saban’s victory over LSU was his eighth in a row. The victory was also Alabama’s 900th in programme history. The Tide then shut out #18 Mississippi State 24–0, the first time a conference opponent has been shut out twice in a row since 1980. Saban’s 11th consecutive 10-win season was achieved with the victory.

After that, the Tide trounced FCS foe The Citadel 50–17. Alabama defeated rival Auburn 52–21 in the Iron Bowl, avenging their sole loss the previous season against the Tigers. Saban’s fourth consecutive unbeaten regular season was assured with the victory. Alabama rallied from a 14-point deficit to overcome #4 Georgia 35–28 in the SEC Championship, led by backup quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Alabama won its 27th SEC Championship with the victory. It was Saban’s eighth conference championship, and his sixth with Alabama. Saban’s senior class now has 54 victories, shattering the previous year’s NCAA record of 53 victories. Alabama was picked for the College Football Playoff for the sixth year in a row the next day.

For the third time, they were chosen as the top seed and faced #4 seed Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. The Tide defeated Oklahoma 45–34 in their first meeting since the 2014 Sugar Bowl, snapping a three-game losing run. Alabama has not won the Orange Bowl since 1966.

For the fourth year in a row, Alabama went to the National Championship game, where they faced the #2 seeded Clemson Tigers. Saban experienced his worst loss at Alabama, falling 44–16 to Clemson in the third title game in four years. Saban’s record in CFP championship games is now 2–2. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 14–1 record.

Season 2019

Alabama opened the year ranked #2 in the AP and coaches polls in his thirteenth season. Alabama beat Duke 42–3 in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. The Tide defeated New Mexico State 62–10 in their home opener. Alabama beat South Carolina 47–23 in their conference opener in Columbia, SC. Southern Miss was then beaten 49–7 by Alabama.

Alabama beat Ole Miss 59–31 to return to league play. Alabama jumped to the top of the AP and Coaches polls the next day. Alabama had been rated first at some time during the season for the eleventh year in a row. Following a bye week, Alabama beat #24 Texas A&M 47–28 in College Station, Texas.

The Tide defeated Tennessee 35–13 on the third Saturday in October for their 13th win in a row. Alabama defeated Arkansas 48–7 on homecoming for the 13th time in a row. After a second bye week, Alabama faced #2 LSU in a top-three battle for the second year in a row.

LSU beat Saban for the first time this season, 46–41, ending an eight-game winning streak against the Tigers. It also ended Alabama’s 31-game winning streak at home. Alabama beat Mississippi State 38–7 the next week. The Tide defeated Western Carolina 66–3 on Senior Day, giving Saban his 12th straight 10-win season. Saban lost his second game of the season in the Iron Bowl, 48–45, to rival #15 Auburn.

Saban hasn’t lost two regular-season games since 2010, and he hasn’t qualified for the College Football Playoff for the first time. Alabama concluded the regular season with a 10–2 record and was rated 13th in the final College Football Playoff poll. They were chosen to compete in the Citrus Bowl against Jim Harbaugh and #14 Michigan. The Tide won 35–16 in their first encounter since 2012. The Crimson Tide ended the season with an 11–2 record.

Season 2020

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, Alabama’s 14th season was reduced to an all-conference, ten-game schedule, which began on September 26. Alabama has rated #3 in the AP and Coaches Polls at the start of the season.

Alabama beat Missouri 38–19 on the road in the season opener. Alabama beat #13 Texas A&M 52–24 in their home opener. Saban faced former aide Lane Kiffin the following week. Alabama beat Ole Miss 63–48 in a shootout. The 111 points scored were the most ever in an SEC non-overtime conference game.

On October 14, 2020, Saban and the university’s sports director, Greg Byrne, both tested positive for COVID-19. Saban tested negative that Saturday and was able to coach Alabama in a top three clash versus #3 Georgia. The Tide won 41–24, improving to 22–0 against previous assistants. Alabama defeated Tennessee 48–17 on the third Saturday of October for the 14th time in a row.

The next week, Alabama defeated Mississippi State 41–0. Alabama has risen to the top of the polls following their bye week. Alabama has won the national championship for the twelfth consecutive season. Alabama returned to play after a week break due to COVID-19, beating Kentucky 63–3.

Saban’s win was his 250th as a collegiate head coach. Saban tested positive for COVID-19 on November 25. He was unable to play in the Iron Bowl against #22 Auburn, which Alabama won 42–13. Saban was back on the sidelines the following week, when Alabama defeated LSU 55-17. Alabama won their 15th SEC West division title, and Saban’s 13th as a coach, with the victory.

Alabama was unbeaten in the regular season after beating Arkansas 52-3. It was Saban’s sixth consecutive undefeated regular season at Alabama, and he became the first coach in league history to win 10 games in a single season. It’s also Alabama’s 13th season in a row with at least ten wins. Alabama won the SEC Championship 52-46 against #7 Florida in a high-scoring contest. Alabama’s 28th SEC title and Saban’s ninth overall came as a result of the victory.

Alabama was picked for the College Football Playoff for the sixth time in seven years the next day. In the Rose Bowl, Alabama was seeded first and faced Notre Dame, who was seeded fourth. The Tide trounced the Irish 31-14 in their first meeting since the 2013 BCS National Championship Game.

It was Alabama’s first Rose Bowl trip and victory since 1946. DeVonta Smith became Saban’s third Heisman Trophy winner on January 5, 2021. Mac Jones and Najee Harris came in third and fifth place in the vote, respectively. Alabama became the second programme in Heisman history to have three players finish in the top five.

Alabama won their 18th National Championship by defeating #3 Ohio State 52-24 in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship. Saban won his seventh National Championship overall, and his sixth with the Crimson Tide. Saban now has more championships than Paul W. Bryant. It was Saban’s second unbeaten season and first since 2009. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a 13-0 record.

Season 2021

Saban and Alabama agreed to a contract extension on June 7, 2021. The contract will last until the 2028 season.

In his 15th season, Alabama began the season atop the preseason AP and Coaches polls, marking the Tide’s 14th straight season in the top spot. Alabama has began the season as the No. 1 team for the sixth time in Saban’s tenure. Alabama beat #14 Miami (FL) 44-13 in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, their first meeting since the 1993 Sugar Bowl. The Tide trounced Mercer 48-14 in their home opener.

The next week, Alabama went to Gainesville to face Florida, which was ranked #11 at the time. The Tide won a tight game 31-29 in the conference opener. Alabama beat Southern Miss 63-14 the next week.

Alabama then defeated Ole Miss, which was ranked 12th, 42-21. The Crimson Tide then headed to College Station, Texas, to face Texas A&M. In a back-and-forth battle, the Aggies beat the Tide 41-38 with a last-second field goal. The loss ended a 19-game winning run, an 8-game winning streak against the Aggies, and a century-long winning record against unranked opponents dating back to 2007.

Alabama rebounded back the next week, beating Mississippi State 49-9. Alabama beat Tennessee 52-24 on the third Saturday of October to win the series for the 15th time in a row. Following the bye week, Alabama defeated LSU 20-14 in a tight contest. Alabama won 59-3 versus New Mexico State to finish up non-conference play.

On Senior Day, Alabama defeated #21 Arkansas 42-35 in another tight game. Saban won his 14th SEC Western Division title and 11th at Alabama with the victory. With the win, he tied Bobby Bowden for the most consecutive 10-win seasons of all time. Alabama beat Auburn 24–22 in four overtimes in the Iron Bowl, the first overtime game in the rivalry’s history. The Tide went 11-1 throughout the regular season. Alabama defeated Georgia 41-24 in the SEC Championship game. It’s Saban’s 10th SEC championship, his eighth with Alabama, and the Tide’s 29th overall. Alabama was named to the College Football Playoff for the sixth time in eight seasons the next day.

They were seeded first and faced fourth-seeded Cincinnati in what was the first meeting between the two institutions since 1990. Bryce Young became Saban’s fourth Heisman Trophy winner on December 11. He now has the same number of Heisman Trophy wins as Frank Leahy. Alabama beat Cincinnati 27-6 in the Cotton Bowl Classic. Saban’s seventh title game berth in 13 seasons was clinched with the victory. In the third All-SEC National title game, the Tide faced #3 Georgia in a repeat of the SEC Championship. Saban lost his third title game, falling 33-18 in the CFP National Championship. The Crimson Tide ended the season with a record of 13-2.

Nick Saban Football Career
Nick Saban Football Career

Nick Saban Net Worth

Nick Saban’s net worth in 2022, according to publications like Celebrity Net Worth, is $60 million, with an annual income of about $10 million.

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$60 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)$46 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2020 (Approx)$40 million
Estimated Net Worth in 2019 (Approx)$32million
Annual Salary$10 million

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Nick Saban Wife

Since December 18, 1970, Terry Constable and Nick Saban have been married for 51 years.

Nick Saban Wife
Nick Saban Wife

Nick Saban Height, Weight & Age

He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 67 kg. He is in good shape and will be 71 years old in 2022.

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What is the age of Nick Saban?
71 years

To whom is Nick Saban married?
Terry Constable

What is the height of Nick Saban?
5 feet 6 inches

How much is the net worth of Nick Saban?
$60 million

Sadio Mane Biography, Age, Salary, Stats, FIFA 22, Net Worth & Wiki

Senegalese professional footballer Sadio Mane (born 10 April 1992) plays forward for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Senegal national team. He is renowned for his pushing, dribbling, and pace. He is regarded as one of the finest players in the world and among the greatest African players of all time.

Mané started his professional career at the age of 19 with Ligue 2 side Metz, but left after just one season to join Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg in 2012 for a sum of €4 million. In the 2013–14 season, Red Bull Salzburg won the domestic league and cup double. Later same summer, Mané moved to Southampton of England for a then-club-record cost of £11.8 million.

In a 6-1 victory over Aston Villa in 2015, he there established a new Premier League record for the quickest hat-trick, scoring all three goals in 176 seconds.

Mané joined Liverpool, a rival Premier League team, in 2016, reportedly for a cost of £34 million. In 2018 and 2019, he assisted the team in reaching the UEFA Champions League Final, which they went on to win. In addition, he tied for the league lead in goals scored in 2018–19, earning the Premier League Golden Boot. Mané then assisted Liverpool in winning the 2019–20 Premier League, ending their 30-year league title drought. He became the third African to achieve the 100-goal mark in the Premier League in October 2021.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane Bio/Wiki

Birth NameSadio Mané
Nick NameSadio Mane
Age (as of 2022)30 years
Sun Sign/Zodiac SignAries
Birth PlaceBambali, Senegal
Date of Birth10 April 1992


Mother's NameSatou Toure
Father's NameNot Available
Brother(s)Not Available
Sister(s)Not Available

Marital Status, Wife and Children

Melissa Reddy
Melissa Reddy
ChildrenNot Available


SchoolNot Available
College/UniversityNot Available
Brands EndorsedNot Available

Football Career

Debut ClubMetz FC
Debut InternationalSenegal
Jersey Number10
Current Team(s)
Bayern Munich FC

Height and , Weight

Height (as of 2022)1.74 m
Weight (as of 2022)69 kg

Extra Ordinary Features

Race / EthnicitySenegal
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
S*xual OrientationStraight

Favourite Things

Favorite Playing Position
Favorite CarNot Available
Favorite DrinksRed Bull
Favorite ColorWhite
Favorite Cell Phone/BrandIphone

Olivia Rodrigo Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Songs, Movies, Net Worth & Wiki

Personal Life

While visiting Liverpool Mané was a resident of Allerton, Liverpool, and was the victim of two burglaries—the first in November 2017 and the second in February 2019. He observes Islam and is occasionally observed performing du’a prior to each game.

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Club Career

Early Career

Mané was born in Senegal’s Bambi, Sédhiou. He wanted to play football professionally, but his father, an imam, banned him from doing so when he was young. His father passed away when he was seven years old, so he never got the chance. He left his hometown at the age of 15 to pursue his dream of playing football in Dakar, and his family has since helped him realize his full potential.

He was seen by scouts in 2009 while playing in M’Bour and then recommended to Génération Foot, a team that he helped advance to the second level in the 2010–11 season.


Mané joined Metz in 2011, a company affiliated with Génération Foot. On January 14, 2012, he made his professional debut by replacing Kévin Diaz in the 75th minute of a Ligue 2 home loss to Bastia. In his debut league season, he started 12 of his 19 games, and on May 4, in a 2-5 loss to Guingamp at the Stade Saint-Symphorien, he scored one goal. At the conclusion of the season, Metz was demoted to the Championnat National.

Red Bull Salzburg

Mane received attention after Metz established a €2 million asking price for him, including that of Red Bull Salzburg’s sporting director, a member of the Austrian Bundesliga. Metz raised their asking price to €4 million after receiving many proposals over the summer, and on August 31, 2012, he went to Salzburg for the third-highest transfer fee that Metz has ever received.

He scored his first hat-trick in the Austrian Bundesliga on October 27, 2013, in a 3-0 victory away to Grödig.

On May 7, 2014, he added another triple when Salzburg defeated Horn 7-0 in the cup semifinals. The season finished with the squad taking home a domestic double.


Mané signed a four-year deal and moved to Premier League team Southampton on September 1, 2014, for a fee of £11.8 million. He made his debut 22 days later in a 2-1 League Cup triumph over Arsenal, scoring Southampton’s opening goal after winning the penalty. On September 27, in a 2-1 victory over Queens Park Rangers, he made his debut for the team in the league, starting and helping Ryan Bertrand score the game’s first goal.

On October 18, in an 8-0 victory over Sunderland, he scored his first goal for the team, albeit Patrick van Aanholt afterward gave the goal the wrong credit as an own goal. The following game, a 1-0 victory over Stoke City, saw him score his first goal.


Mané signed a five-year deal and paid £34 million to join Liverpool on June 28, 2016. He was at the time the most expensive African footballer in history thanks to the transfer fee.

He made his Premier League debut for the Reds on August 14 by scoring the fourth goal in a 4-3 victory away from home against Arsenal. Mané, who missed Liverpool’s loss at Burnley due to a minor shoulder injury, started against Burton Albion in the League Cup and contributed two assists to the team’s 5-0 victory.

Sadio Mane playing for Liverpool
Sadio Mane playing for Liverpool

Bayern Munich

Mané signed a deal with Bundesliga team Bayern Munich on June 22, 2022, which would last until June 30, 2025. The stated cost was €32 million (£27.4 million), with a possible increase to €41 million (£35 million) dependent on performances and individual and team accomplishments.

Mane made his official debut on July 30, 2022, beginning in the DFL-Supercup. He also scored his first goal, which enabled Bayern to defeat RB Leipzig 5-3 at the Red Bull Arena. A week later, he scored his first Bundesliga goal in a 6-1 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt to follow this up.

Sadio Mane playing for Bayern Munich

International Career

Mané competed for Senegal at the 2012 Olympic Games, starting every game as they went through Group A and finished as runners-up to Great Britain before falling to eventual victors Mexico 4-2 in extra time in the quarterfinals.

Mané sustained a calf injury during Southampton’s 2-0 victory over Arsenal on January 1, 2015, and was thus unable to participate in the Senegal team for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. He eventually rejoined the team and started in both of their group stage elimination games against South Africa and Algeria.

Mané played for Senegal in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon, where his team won both of its first matches, 2-0 against Tunisia and 2-0 against Zimbabwe.

Sadio Mane playing for Senegal
Sadio Mane playing for Senegal

Sadio Mane Awards

Red Bull Salzburg

  • Austrian Bundesliga: 2013–14
  • Austrian Cup: 2013–14


  • Premier League: 2019–20
  • FA Cup: 2021–22
  • EFL Cup: 2021–22
  • UEFA Champions League: 2018–19; runner-up: 2017–18, 2021–22
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2019
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2019

Bayern Munich

  • DFL-Supercup: 2022


  • Africa Cup of Nations: 2021; runner-up: 2019


  • CAF Team of the Year: 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
  • PFA Team of the Year: 2016–17 Premier League, 2018–19 Premier League, 2019–20 Premier League, 2021–22 Premier League
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2017, March 2019, November 2019
  • Liverpool Fans’ Player of the Season Award: 2016–17
  • Liverpool Players’ Player of the Season Award: 2016–17
  • Premier League Golden Boot: 2018–19
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2018–19
  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2019
  • Africa Cup of Nations Player of the Tournament: 2021
  • Africa Cup of Nations Team of the Tournament: 2019, 2021
  • African Footballer of the Year: 2019, 2022
  • Onze d’Or: 2018–19.
  • IFFHS Men’s World Team: 2019
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2018–19
  • PFA Fans’ Player of the Year: 2019–20 Premier League
  • IFFHS CAF Men’s Team of The Year: 2020
  • IFFHS CAF Men’s Team of the Decade 2011–2020
  • IFFHS Best CAF Men’s Player of the Year: 2020

Sadio Mane Net Worth

Sadio Mane’s net worth or income is thought to be between $20 million and $50 million. However, his major occupation as a soccer player has brought him a significant amount of wealth.

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$20 Million
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx)$15 Million
Estimated Net Worth in 2020 (Approx)$12 Million
Annual Salary$4 Million
Income SourceProfessional Footballer

Sadio Mane FIFA 22 Stats

In FIFA 22, Sadio Mane has an overall rating of 89 and his potential is also 89.

Heading Accuracy84
Short Passing84
FK Accuracy64
Long Passing71
Ball Control86
Sprint Speed90
Shot Power83
Long Shots78

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How old is Sadio Mane?

He is currently 30 years old (as of 2022).

What is the height of Sadio Mane?

He is 174 cm tall.

What position does Sadio Mane?

He plays as a forward.

How much is Sadio Mane‘s net worth?

After his transfer to Bayern Munich, his net worth is $20 million (as of 2022).