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Alissa Violet, a well-known American YouTuber, social media influencer, model, Instagram star, musician, television personality, and businesswoman, was born on June 12, 1996, in Brunswick, Ohio. Because of her YouTube vlogging videos, she enjoys huge popularity throughout the nation. After beginning to share material on Instagram and the 6-second video app Vine, she gained attention. She is currently a well-known YouTuber.

Over 3.7 million people were subscribers to Alissa’s Youtube channel as of February 2023. She has millions of followers on Instagram as well as being a well-known Instagram celebrity. She has worked with several well-known YouTube performers, like Logan Paul, RiceGum, and others, as a Youtuber. In addition to this, Violet used to be a part of the online community Team 10. Also, later she joined CloutGang. She made news in 2021 after suing FaZe Clan for company shares.

Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet Bio/Wiki

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Alissa Violet, a stunning YouTube sensation, was born to her parents on June 12, 1996, in Brunswick, Ohio, in the United States. Alissa Marie Violet Butler is her true name from birth. According to her birth date, Alissa is 27 years old (as of 2023). She always slices her birthday cake on June 12.

According to the reports, Violet attended Brunswick High School to complete her high school education. She then turned her attention to her career. She is also a well-known musician. Since she was young, she had a keen interest in modeling.

At a very young age, she began taking part in numerous modeling projects. She currently works as an entertainment industry model and a well-known YouTuber.

Alissa Violet Parents

Alissa Violet was born into a Christian family, to be more specific about her kinship at that time. She is of white Caucasian descent. Her zodiac sign at birth is Gemini.

She refuses to provide the media with the identities of her parents and siblings. Her mother is a housewife, while her father is a businessman, according to our investigation.

In Brunswick, Alissa spent her childhood playing with her siblings and relatives. According to the media, Violet’s family includes two brothers. She cherishes time spent with her family.

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Alissa Violet Boyfriends

The reports claim that Alissa Violet’s name was romantically associated with several well-known YouTubers. She entered the public eye after she began dating the well-known YouTube sensation Jake Paul, according to insiders.

Let me tell you that Jake was also a support for Alissa’s modeling endeavors. Jalissa was another name for Jake and Alissa. Along with Jake, she joined the online media organization Team 10. The pair split up in 2017, according to the sources.

Following that, Alissa Violet began dating well-known Youtuber FaZe Banks. She dated FaZe from mid-2017 until mid-2019 for two years. Additionally, her name has been connected to Jake’s brother Logan Paul.

On Alissa’s current romantic situation, there is no reliable information. She frequently posted images with her best buddy Neel, according to her Instagram profile. She enjoys socializing with her friends and coworkers.

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Alissa Violet Social Media Accounts

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Modeling Career

Alissa Violet started off in the modeling industry. She received a lot of assistance from her ex-boyfriend in her modeling career. With Jake’s assistance, she traveled to Los Angeles. She obtained modeling contracts with five modeling agencies after arriving in LA.

She eventually had the chance to collaborate with NEXT MODELS as well. Alissa has moreover taken the runway at different fashion weeks. She began concentrating on her online career in 2017 after joining the online community Team 10.

Youtube Career

Currently, Alissa Violet is a well-known YouTube personality. After she started publishing her vlogging videos, she quickly grew her fan base. Let me share with you that she began sharing brief movies online in 2013.

Since starting her YouTube channel, she has amassed a sizable fan base. She currently has millions of subscribers to her Youtube channel. She has also worked with a lot of well-known YouTubers.

Team 10 Career

Alissa Violet gained notoriety after joining the online community Team 10. Jake Paul, her ex-partner, joined the group. She has also collaborated with Team 10 on a number of projects. The sources claim that in February 2017, Alissa left the house after Paul allegedly showed her the door, locked the door, and threw her belongings down the stairs.

So before she departed and snapped everything, she decided to have a feast and compose herself in lipstick over a mirror. Paul and Alissa both took their argument on Twitter, with Paul accusing her of being misbehavior and Alissa accusing him of ignoring, insulting, and dominating her to do what he required. Alissa joined CloutGang after leaving Team 10, joining other well-known YouTubers including Sommer Ray and RiceGum.

Alissa Violet Net Worth

The reports claim that Alissa Marie Violet Butler earns a respectable living as a model. Her estimated net worth is between $6 and $7 million (approx.). She furthermore makes additional money by endorsing brands.

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Quick Facts

In her spare time, Alissa Marie Violet Butler enjoys listening to music. Her official IG profile has almost 12.2 million followers. On March 4th, 2013, Alissa published her first Instagram entry. She has had appearances in a number of TV episodes and films, according to IMDB.

The Deleted, Lil Wolves: Karma, Party in the Back, The Mind of Jake Paul, and more titles are among her favorites in both television and film. She keeps a bulldog as a pet since she loves dogs. With the first money she received from modeling, Alissa Violet purchased her preferred vehicle. Balissa was another name for the duo FaZe and Aliss.

Alissa Violet's Instagram
Alissa Violet’s Instagram


Are FaZe banks and Alissa Violet married?

Their romance descended into drama, which finally led to its demise.

Why is Alissa Violet famous?

She is a famous Youtuber and Musical Artist.

Why was Alissa Violet kicked out of Team 10?

After accusing the YouTuber of cheating on him, Jake expelled Alissa Violet from the Team 10 residence.

Did Alissa Violet Sue FaZe?

Alissa Violet accuses FaZe Clan of defrauding her of shares and files a lawsuit.

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